Our specialists at LA Solar Group offer high-quality Solar Electrical Panels and installation services to ensure the smooth operation of electrical systems at your home or workplace in Los Angeles, California. 

Breaker Panel Installation

When it comes to Solar, the type of breaker panel you have in your home can make a huge impact on your new Solar Energy System.

A breaker panel is the distribution board that converts and distributes the energy it recieves from the Solar Panels in order to power the various parts of you home. Due to certain factors such as the year your home was built, or the type of breaker panel you have in your home, an upgrade to your electrical system might be necessary. One of our electrical experts will do a thorough evaluation of your system and will give you a detailed consultations on what is needed.

What type of the electrical breaker panels are needed for your estate?

A typical house/residence requires from 100 to 200 amp electrical panels. The value is determined based on the age and size of the house. Homes that are over 2500 square feet already come with 200 amps electrical panels, while those under 2500 may only have 100 amp electrical panels.

Upgrading and Downsizing of the Solar System Panels

In certain circumstances, the main electrical panels need to be upgraded in order to prevent the solar energy system from overloading and support the usage of the absorbed solar energy. We also consider the busbar rating and the point at which the energy is fed to the main breaker of the panel. Centralized breakers are not compatible with solar energy system. Therefore, the main panel of your residential/commercial property may need to be downsized to 150 amps if the breakers are located at the center of the unit. In case if the house amp requirement is more than 150 amps, it will require a main panel upgrade to accommodate the installation of your solar energy system.

With a 100-amp panel, it is possible to install up to 4.5 kilowatt solar energy systems. For some projects, it may be necessary to downsize the ampere value. If necessary, LA Solar Group will remove the existing breaker and replace it with a new, a smaller one, to accommodate for both the capacity of the panel and the ampacity of the solar system.

As a homeowner, you can always check the label sticker on the electric panel to find its amperage rating.  For instance, if the busbar is 200 amps with a 200 amp breaker, the maximum allowable breaker size is 40 amps, and suitable for 10 kilowatt system or less. At times when the system is larger than 10 kilowatts, the main breaker will need to be replaced or updated.

A Wide Range of Solar Systems for your Property

LA Solar Group provides a wide range of Solar Electrical Systems for domestic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties. Our highly trained electricians and engineers, provide you with complete engineering services, ranging from simple electrical repairs to electrical home improvements, electrical underfloor heating, and residential rewiring.

All our electricians are accredited, qualified, and experienced, and carry out all their work responsibly at the highest quality level, whilst meeting the standard requirements at competitive prices. 

Our goal?

Our goal is to provide our clients with top-notch solar panels and unprecedented services with the help of our professional architects, engineers, and installers. Our electrical experts have extensive experience in handling all tasks pertaining to solar energy systems effectively, while upholding the safety standards of their job at all times. In addition, we come up with tailored solutions to meet your budget, with the provision of cost effective and reliable service delivery systems in all facets of electrical contracting, including Solar installation and servicing. 

Our Commitment

We provide our customers with personalized customer service and deliver the best solutions to meet their needs of being able to consume affordable renewable energy and enjoy free electricity.

After reviewing the information on our website, we are confident you will choose LA Solar Group as your electrical and solar contractor.

Our main electrical panel upgrade package includes:

The Panel

Wall Stucco Repair

Labor and Materials

Separate city permit