Owning your system comes with the greatest return on your investment and a 30% tax credit on the cost. It also increases the value of your home and is very simple to transfer to a new homeowner. You can own your system through either a purchase or finance option. If you decide to purchase, we offer our customers a convenient payment program schedule. You can also finance your system from a lender or through your home’s equity. Here’s the difference between the programs:

Financing with a Lender: (checks credit/fico, no pre payment penalty, 0 down, Secured and unsecured, low interest rates, 12 year or 20 year term)

Financing With PACE/HERO: (not based on credit/fico, must have 15% equity in home, secured, 5-25 year term, payments can be rolled into your property taxes)



Solar Lease programs will have more up front savings than purchasing or financing. Your monthly savings are instant and you get solar savings from first day. With no down payment, you will receive the best equipment on the market at a lower cost. Leases are made on a standard 20-year term with 4 options once the term is over:


  • You can remove your system

  • Extend your lease

  • Buy the system

  • Replace the system completely 



Prepaid Power Purchase Agreement or PPA. This method is unique in that you are only paying for the kilowatts that are generated by your system. This cost is factored and fully prepaid in advance for a 20-year term. The homeowner does not own the system, yet it’s a great program if they’re not eligible for the Federal Tax Credit. With the Prepaid PPA, this one-time payment is at a discounted rate and must be made in advance for the next 20 years.

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