If you are interested in solar panel installation, first of all you should check the condition of your roof. When going solar, some existing panels will need to be replaced before the installation process. Two scenarios will determine if re-roofing with solar panels is necessary for your estate or not; whether your roof is in poor condition or not and what type of roofing material has been used previously.

Condition of your panels

If your panels leak and there are stains in the walls or dark spots on the roof, it means that you should replace your roof before solar installation. We will recommend that you replace your panels with your solar panel. If the panel is not able to hold up in the future, solar installation will be in vain. In the latter suggested case, re-roofing is the best solution. The reason of choosing to replace solar panels when you are installing solar systems is not only mainly the 30% federal tax credit that will be applied to the new solar panels, but rather the convenience of doing it at the time of installation, instead of dealing with the hassle of removing the solar panels in the future.

Type of panel material

As previously stated, roofing materials can also have a significant influence on your solar energy system installation. Certain tiles such as clay, which are easily breakable and may not support your solar system, or other types such as Spanish Tile or certain metal panels may prevent us from installing a secure solar system for your properties. For this reason, these types of panels must be replaced. It is worth mentioning, that we are ready to examine and inspect the roof conditions of your estate, as one of the essential components of our service delivery system. Our solar energy professionals in Los Angeles can easily inspect your roof and recommend you whether or not you need to replace it. The new solar panel installation will be done at the same time as the solar installation, to make sure that the 10-year warranty is honored. 

DURING solar panel installation

When a partial solar panel installation is done, firstly we remove only the required section that needs to be replaced, secondly, replace it with new panels and then restore the tiles in order to keep the original look of the estate. Although, you will not be able to see the new roof under your solar panels, you will still be able to see the tiles outside of the solar arrays. Therefore, we carefully remove the tiles from the roof of your estate and replace them only after the panels are installed. To ensure the clean and polished look for the roof of the property, we will simply replace the roof material with premium composite or asphalt roofing.  
As a conclusion, always remember that installing solar panels on the roof of your estate can bring great benefits to your family members, your workers, or whoever is going to be influenced by the result of this reasonable decision. In a nutshell, it is worthy to note that our environment benefits most as a result of such responsible and sustainable actions.  Nothing is greener than solar!
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