Solar Energy


Whether you already know that solar is right for you or if you are new to solar, we want to thank you for considering to “Go Solar” with LA Solar Group.

For those of you who did not think solar was right for you based on previous experiences, we appreciate your reconsidering “Going Solar” with LA Solar Group.

By “Going Solar,” you are choosing to install solar panels, shingles, or tiles, either on your roof or on the ground, that will convert radiant energy from the sun into electricity that you can readily use or store for later use, offsetting the energy that you would have used from your electric utility company.

Generating electricity from solar energy is a proven technology. Solar energy has been in use for tens of years (or millions of years if you consider photosynthesis), from powering small devices such as calculators to larger devices such as satellites, space probes, space stations, and the Mars Rover. For residential purposes, the end-to-end process from solar cell manufacturing, to solar panel integration, to installation, and to seeing actual bill reductions is also proven. The components that comprise a solar system have no moving parts, require no regular maintenance, and are highly durable and reliable, with 10 – 25 year manufacturers’ warranties that are standard in the industry.

Just as the technology is proven, so are the savings that Solar generates. Solar is an investment that will generate electricity and provides tangible savings from the day of operation, resulting in a hedge against future electric rate increases, a relatively short payback period and an above average return on your investment.

“Going Solar” should not be discounted based on the belief that solar is not affordable. Although the upfront, outright purchase cost of a solar system may seem relatively high, there are many options and incentives that make the net cost much lower; hence, making solar affordable and enabling most people to enjoy the benefits of solar – financing, leasing, rebates, tax credits, and rising energy costs. Some options provide more savings than others, but any of these options still provide a long-term net financial benefit versus not going Solar.

The process of going Solar may seem long and complicated. There are many steps involved, but most of these steps involve making sure that the right solution is put into place. A quality minded, experienced partner will own and manage all the steps – from the point of signing the contract to being granted “permission-to-operate.”

Finally, utilizing solar energy should be a part of your total energy plan:

  • Monitor your usage – install energy consumption monitoring devices that show when, how much, and on what you consume electricity
  • Reduce your usage – look at ways you can reduce your usage overall and/or during peak time
  • Use electric powered devices – utilize more electric powered devices, appliances, and vehicle
  • Use energy efficient devices – install energy efficient appliances and devices such as LED lights, variable speed pool pump, or solar attic fans
  • Generate energy from renewable sources – generate and use energy from clean and renewable energy sources, such as solar
  • Select the best rate plan – select the rate plan that best meets your needs and that makes the most financial sense
  • Take advantage of available incentives – at any time, there are numerous manufacturer, utility company, local, state, and federal government incentive programs to help you go green
  • Partner with an experienced and trustworthy company – work with a partner who believes in their mission, who believes that they are successful only when their customers succeed, and who will continue to provide on-going value

Ready to begin your Solar Journey?