25 years

Once you have your solar panels installed, it’s important to protect them. That’s why we offer solar panel warranties.

LA Solar Group offers one of the most comprehensive system warranty and energy production guarantees in the industry as part of the system price – including all labor and materials. We always use the highest quality products and installation materials, down to the washers and adhesive. We also provide meticulous engineering, proven installation practices, and project planning that are second to none – backed up by our warranties and guarantees. That’s what makes us the best solar company in the market!

Some top warranties include Tesla solar panel warranty and LG solar panel warranty, but that’s not all. A complete list of our warranties and guarantees can be found below.

Additional Benefits

In addition to offering one of the best warranties and guarantees in the industry, LA Solar Group offers additional valuable benefits and installation offerings to its customers that make the decision to go solar easier and worry-free. (* Please speak to our solar consultants and see our contract for complete details).

Solar system removal and re-installation *
Solar panel cleaning *
Low-profile roof vents *
Attic/Wall Run, Flush Mount, Roof Mounting HW options *

We know you’re going to love your solar panels. Make sure you take advantage of our solar panel warranties and other great benefits to protect your investment in solar energy.



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