Receive $500 per Referral!

To show our appreciation, we pay our customers $500 for each referral, upon completion of the referral’s installation.

Please provide the contact information for each referral that you believe could benefit by going Solar – your co-workers, friends, or family – and we will do the rest.  Please contact your Solar Consultant for program details.

You can submit a referral through the Advocator App. Simply download the app and follow the instructions below. 

Step 1: Download the Advocator App from App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Launch the App and Create an account (or sign in if already have one)

Step 3. Type “9274” as the company code at prompt once downloaded.

Step 4. Select a Solar Consultant if one referred you or choose none. 

Step 5. Enter your contact info and agree to the terms. 

You’re ready to go!

Start sending referrals!

Step 1. Select the type of installation you would like to refer
Step 2. Add referrals – import the contact from your contacts list, add a call back time or other info. 
Step 3. Submit, you’re all done!

Follow the status of your referrals and your rewards

Once your referral makes a purchase, the referral moves to a Sold Referral. Make sure that you have notifications enabled for the App, so that you’re alerted when you receive rewards!


Alternatively, you can submit the form below and our representative will contact you once your referral installs their solar system.

Panasonic Solar Premium Installer

Please complete this form to register your referral

Information about yourself

Information about the person you are referring