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Sales Consultant


  • Minimum 1 year of experience in solar PV system area
  • Computer skills – Excel, Adobe, Gmail etc.
  • Reporting skills and tools
  • Fast typing and program management
  • Multitasking and scheduling

Tasks for Success:

  • Inbound and outbound solar consultations
  • Gather information from homeowner and provide detailed consultation based on site conditions
  • Provide solar design using various design tools, provide solar proposals
  • Manage customer expectations by following company sales and consultation guidelines
  • Email campaigns and referral source activities
  • Ensure customer service satisfaction and good client relationships throughout the whole project
  • Demonstrates advanced sales knowledge
  • Always looks for new ways to make products attractive to customers

Job Duties:

  • Product Knowledge – about solar brand and equipment, financing and leasing options. Be familiar with solar market and technology.
  • Qualification Questioning- Ability to ask qualifying questions and be able to understand customer needs.
  • Closing Techniques – There will be no success without closing skill
  • Time Management – With many daily tasks and activities, it is important to be able to have the good time management system. Time management is key to success.
  • Post-Sale Relationship Management – Be able to manage not only new leads, also handle post-sales customers in order to provide best customer experience, to get more referrals and be successful.
  • Digital Savvy – MS Office, Adobe, Docu-sign, Salesforce, CRM tools, Mapping tools, online solar platforms – All these tools are created to improve time managements, closing ration and number of sales. It is a key requirement to be digital savvy.

Tools and Benefits Provided:

  • Base salary + commission for every project sold
  • Full benefits package including health and vision insurance
  • Attractive vacation, sick pay
  • Phone, computer (or allowance)
  • Employee referral program
  • Career path opportunities
  • Bonuses

Immediate interviews and hiring.

We offer competitive pay and opportunity to grow with a company.

LA Solar Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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    The main reason why this happens is when you have a grid-tied solar system, it has safety measures preinstalled to shut down production in case of a power outage so as not to do extensive damage to the grid or the employees working on fixing the outage.

    If you’d like to install a battery system to have power during a power outage, you can contact and set up a consultation.

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