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Upgrading your main electrical panel is a recommended option if you’re planning to add more electrical capacity to your home’s energy use.

*Installation and Taxes included with purchase.
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About SMP
SMP is a combination of components that help complete the solar panel installation process. It significantly reduces the cost of solar system installation and increases home value through its streamlined look and functionality. In the case of the SMP, no extra wires are hanging from the walls.
Smart Main electrical panel (SMP) with extra busbars is for a residential solar panel system load and critical load centre. Jumper divides the main busbar. It separates critical loads from the main load busbar.

Functions of Smart Main Panel (SMP)
It includes a built-in gateway and monitoring device for tracking solar consumption and production. SMP will manage energy consumption, sources, and loads. It will also minimize energy bills by balancing and regulating them.
Smart Main Panel (SMP) allows you to control all of your residential solar panel system consumption and production from a single app and software. However, if you have a Tesla electric car, Enphase inverters, or a Sonnen battery, you won’t be able to combine all three applications or software into one. The basic idea behind having more than two energy sources is to have a single “head”: it will facilitate managing the flow of energy. Smart Main Panel (SMP) will provide all energy sources and solar consumption. Also, users will be able to turn off high-energy producing gadgets using the software.

What benefits you will get from Smart Main Panel (SMP)?
Managing all of your home devices from one place

Flexibility for new devices and appliances

Maximizing home security

Remote control of home functions

Increased energy efficiency

Home management insights

Physical Specs:
SMP200.OH weighs ~111 lbs



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