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Solar Consumption Monitoring Chart

Consumption Monitoring

Budget is the number one motivating factor for switching to solar energy consumption. With electric bills increasing, more homeowners want to be aware of how and when they consume energy. This knowledge means they can better manage their energy consumption to lower their costs and their impact on the environment.

Consumption monitoring solutions collect, store, and report on your electric usage over time. It is essential to monitor power consumption to improve your solar usage and maximize its efficiency.

Most solar systems provide the ability to track energy production while net meters provide the ability to track net delivery or consumption. However, neither solar systems nor net meters provide the ability to track total consumption. To track consumption, you need an energy monitoring system.

Some consumption monitoring systems can inform you of which electric device was turned on and how much energy was consumed during that time frame by that device.

Knowing your electric consumption within a day and over time will allow you to determine how much energy you use. You can then understand your usage patterns.

Solar Consumption Monitoring

Combining your usage data with your current electric rate plan would enable you to determine when the best time is to perform certain tasks (e.g., running the clothes washer) to help reduce your electric bill.

Combining your usage data with your solar system production data would allow you to determine and choose the best rate plan- tiered or time-of-use.

With the ability to monitor power consumption and see usage by device, you would be able to determine which devices should be upgraded to more efficient versions (e.g., variable speed pool pumps). The consumption monitoring system will also alert you in case of system breakdowns and errors, making the system safer.

LA Solar Group offers the following consumption monitoring devices: Sense, Enphase, SunPower, SolarEdge.

Sense Energy Monitor is a smart home device that uses machine learning to track your home’s energy consumption data. It provides you with all the information needed to help you reduce bills and save money. You can track the information both at and away from home. Over time, it recognizes every device and its detailed usage plan.

Sense Home Energy Monitor has mobile and web apps, allowing you to manage and reduce your power consumption.

Enphase Consumption Monitoring is another helpful system to monitor your energy usage at home.

SolarEdge Consumption Monitoring is a cloud-based platform that monitors the electricity usage of the house. The system monitors PV production and self-consumption, which helps to reduce your electricity bills.

Due to the relatively low cost of these devices and their actionable value, the payback is usually a few months.

Consumption monitoring solutions consist of current transformers (CTs) that are installed around the power lines where measurement is required. This location is usually the main lines entering the electric main panel.

The CTs capture and provide data to the consumption monitoring device that analyzes the data. This data is then transferred via Wi-Fi or wired network to your computer or mobile device.

LA Solar Group is a CSLB C-10 licensed electrical contractor, in addition to being a CSLB C-46 licensed solar contractor. This enables us to provide an integrated solution that is designed, installed, and supported by a single company that you can trust.

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