Variable Speed Pool Pump

Variable Speed Pool Pump

Single speed swimming pool pumps are one of the biggest consumers of energy in homes with swimming pools. To reduce this consumption of energy, there are variable speed pumps. With a variable speed pump, you can choose when and how you want your pump to activate.

Variable speed pumps allow for scheduling of different speeds at different times based on function. This scheduling maximizes energy efficiency and lowers energy consumption and costs.

Replacing your single speed pump with a variable speed pump will dramatically reduce your energy consumption while still maintaining a clean pool. This is because running the pump for a longer time at a lower speed results in the consumption of less energy.

The ability to schedule different run times at different speeds means you can run the pump, especially at higher speeds, at non-peak periods.  In comparison to a standard pool pump, variable speed pumps have a high-efficiency rating and cause no energy loss. This energy-efficient pool pump also has a quiet performance. This ability to limit and monitor energy consumption means increased savings for you.

LA Solar Group offers rebate-eligible pumps from manufacturers such as Pentair and Hayward.

LA Solar Group also provides the installation of GFCI breakers if required.

The decision to install a variable speed pool pump is easy when considering the real-life savings of hundreds of dollars per year in electric costs.

These savings, combined with rebates offered by many utility companies, results in a very short payback period.

LA Solar Group is a CSLB C-10 licensed electrical contractor, in addition to being a CSLB C-46 licensed solar contractor. This enables us to provide an integrated solution that is designed, installed, and supported by a single company that you can trust.

Please contact us via phone, email, or by completing the contact form. One of our consultants will work with you to create the best solution that fits your needs.



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