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Solar Car Ports

Solar carports are one of the unique advantages of renewable energy. The PVs installed above the parking lots provide dual functionality: serving as shelters for cars and providing energy for nearby properties.
Solar installation on a carport requires our engineering team to review the condition of the pre-existing carport or the plans of a carport in construction.
Since carports with solar panels provide as much energy as roof-mounted PVs, their usage goes far beyond serving as solar canopies for cars.


Residential carports are a perfect alternative for rooftop PVs. If your roof is not in a favorable location condition or you want to maintain your roof’s aesthetic look, you can consider them. Moreover, In case of having unused space in your yard, such carports are ideal for sheltering your car and providing energy for the home, just like rooftop PVs.
They also protect your car from the suns’ rays and overconsumption. While a solar carport shields your car, they protect it from overheating, and as a result, the car’s AC doesn’t work at full tilt. For EV car owners, carports with solar panels are perfect since their car can be charged through an EV charger. The charger, in its turn, gets energy from the solar system installed above your residential solar parking lot.


Additionally, solar carports’ energy can serve the nearby business centers and turn into a charging lot for EVs if installed in public areas. You can also make money by letting others charge their EVs at your public parking lot.


Compared to rooftop solar installation, designing solar carports is more expensive and time-consuming with more complex structural details and more labor. 
The carport design and materials will help determine what type of solar panels to install. If designed appropriately, carports are ideal for taking advantage of Bi-Facial solar panels, utilizing reflected light from the ground. 
LA Solar Group is a CSLB C-10 licensed electrical contractor and a CSLB C-46 licensed solar contractor. This dual qualification enables us to provide an integrated solution designed, installed, and supported by a single company that you can trust.
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