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We do what is right for you and want to earn your business by being transparent, educating you, and making it easy to do business with us.

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Transparency, Reviews, Rankings, Testimonials - 75% business from referrals


Our in-house, licensed and accredited team covers all areas: Solar, Electrical, Roofing


Range of renewable energy production, storage, efficiency, and monitoring solutions


Our values, team, processes, workmanship, support, materials, and panels (Grade A)


Industry leading warranties and guarantees for worry-free ownership and operation for life of system


Our low prices and our industry leading warranty result in low TCO, high ROI, and quick Payback

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Save money - Help environment

We provide a complete set of energy producing, saving, monitoring, and maintenance solutions to help you save money and that help the environment.

Making it Affordable: Financing and Leasing Solutions

Repair and Maintenance Solutions for Non-LA Solar Group Customers

Solar Solutions Offering Choice and Options to Meet your Needs

Partial or Full Energy Efficient Roofing Solutions

Reduce energy consumption using a v/s pool pump

Charge your Electric Vehicle at Home

Energy Storage for going Off-Grid, Emergency, Electric Vehicle, or Rate Optimized Consumption

Energy Production and Consumption Monitoring to Optimize Usage and Rate Plan Selection

Electric Main Panel Upgrade to Enable or Expand Capability to Handle Solar, Storage Batteries, or EV Charging

The Trusted Choice

Discover why LA Solar Group is one of the most trusted solar providers.

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From Sacremento to San Diego, a gallery of our recent installations.


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