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      Solar Installation

      Solar system installation services with a variety of options to meet your needs, including Tesla Powerwall installation


      Roofing solutions with full or partial energy efficiency

      Storage batteries

      Energy storage for going off-grid, emergency, electric vehicle, or optimized rate consumption

      Online Store

      Enhance your solar system, shop for home energy solutions, add more savings to your home's electrical usage


      Our in-house, licensed, and accredited team covers all areas: solar, electrical, solar panel system, roofing


      Range of renewable energy production, storage, efficiency, and monitoring solutions


      Highly qualified team, streamlined process, and high-quality materials


      Industry-leading warranty for worry-free ownership and operation


      Our low prices result in low total cost of ownership (TCO), high return on investment (ROI), and quick payback

      Why Choose Us

      An award winning Los Angeles based solar installation company

      An award-winning, Los Angeles based solar installation company, LA Solar Group is a leading solar PV and roofing contractor. Since 2011, we’ve helped homeowners and businesses meet their energy goals with customized solutions. Our award-winning team of consultants, installers, and engineers dedicate themselves to helping customers throughout the solar process, providing a spectacular experience from design to activation.

      Solar power usage is becoming crucial for the future of our planet. Adding a solar energy system to your home and helping you in the solar power generation process is our primary objective.

      As an engineering-based company, we value expertise, quality, and solutions. Our honest approach means that you’ll get up-to-date information and inside knowledge to help you make the right choice with your solar and roofing options. With our customer support team, we’re always available to assist you with any questions or concerns.


      Solar power usage is becoming crucial for the future of our planet. As the climate crisis continues to affect our communities, solar energy is becoming a well-trusted and reputable solution. Adding solar energy to your home or business has huge environmental impacts, as solar energy significantly lessens your carbon footprint. With solar panel systems, you can rely on clean, renewable energy for most of your consumption needs. That means less stress on the grid, and fewer fossil fuels deployed into the environment. Solar is a great resource for environmental conservation, but that’s not its only advantage. Using solar energy is great for consumers, as well! Solar energy solutions can lower your utility bill while maintaining efficient home power production.

      Going solar means taking a step back from utility companies and the electrical grid. With solar energy, you will be generating clean and renewable energy consistently throughout the day. That means you can power your home appliances and other electrical needs through energy attained from the sun. This reduces the need for harmful fossil fuels, thereby lessening negative environmental impacts.


      Since solar energy is so beneficial to the environment, government agencies are encouraging homeowners to go solar. There are many available incentives and rebates that serve to financially reward solar energy users to increase solar panel system usage. These rebates and incentives are in place to lessen the initial upfront cost of a solar panel system while also providing tax benefits down the line. In addition to solar rebates and incentives, you can also get net metering credits attributed to your utility account for solar production.

      Net metering credits serve as financial attributions to your utility bill for the energy you add to the grid. Solar production continues throughout the day, sometimes generating more energy than your home or business will need. When this happens, excess energy will be routed to the shared electrical grid. For your energy contribution to the collective system, you will be rewarded with net metering credits. These are financial credits that aim to lessen your utility bill each month.

      While solar energy does lower utility bills, you will still need to rely on utility companies in the evening when there is no solar light. This means you will still need to pull energy from the grid in the evening or at night when solar production is halted. The good news is that solar energy storage batteries exist, and they work to keep you off the grid.


      As a certified Tesla partner, we offer Tesla Powerwall battery storage solutions to our customers. Powerwall battery systems work to store solar energy for later use. The excess energy that is absorbed from the sun will be stored in Powerwall. This stored energy can be utilized in the evening or during a power outage. With a Tesla Powerwall battery, you can have a seamless connection to clean energy even in the absence of solar light. You can become virtually grid-independent. Your battery will recharge in the morning when the sun comes out again, providing an indefinite cycle of clean energy consumption.

      The benefits of going solar are numerous, and it seems likely that solar is the wave of the future. Our climate demands it. Solar is a great investment that will pay for itself in the long run, as it lowers your bill and provides numerous incentives and rebates.


      Solar panels are a relatively low-maintenance investment. However, like any investment, solar systems should be treated with care. Solar panel systems require annual cleanings, and it is recommended that a professional be hired so as to avoid any dangerous falls or electricity issues. Also, solar panels are created to endure some weather factors like rain, wind, and hail. However, if there is a particularly bad storm, you should check that your solar panel system is not damaged or broken. If a system needs a repair, it is best to have that addressed as soon as possible rather than waiting. Additionally, solar panels’ efficiency will be determined by sunlight exposure, so consider your access to direct sunlight before investing. You want to make sure your roof has direct access to light and is not shaded. Otherwise, you will notice that your production efficiency decreases. Solar panel systems can produce energy in the shade, but it will be significantly less.


      If you’re considering going solar, you might have some questions about what it all means. How exactly can the sun power your home? It’s actually pretty simple.

      Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells. These PV cells absorb sunlight energy as direct current (DC). This DC energy needs to be converted into alternating current (AC), because AC energy is the form used to power your home or business. To convert DC energy to AC, you will need a microinverter or power optimizer. These tools convert DC energy to AC, then route it to your home to create usable power. So, solar panels absorb sunlight energy through PV cells and then route it to your home or business as usable power.

      Unfortunately, solar energy does not work in the absence of the sun. In the evenings or at night, you will lose access to solar power and need to pull energy from the shared electrical grid. However, there are ways to combat this issue. You can invest in a battery storage solution like Tesla Powerwall. As LA Solar Group is Tesla certified partner, we can install Tesla Powerwall battery solutions in your home or business in addition to solar installations. That means you can have constant, regular access to clean energy. You will be autonomous in your energy production and free of the grid.


      We make the solar installation process simple for our customers by taking care of the more complicated steps. Among other things, we handle permits, city inspections, and rebate applications. Our consultants will be available to you from start to finish on your solar project, offering insights and solutions as needed.

       As a home battery storage system, we offer Tesla Powerwall. This system stores electricity that is generated by the solar panel system during the day. Tesla Powerwall is designed to work with any solar panel system. Check out the following video that describes our solar panel installation process in Los Angeles.

      Our Locations

      As a successful solar installer, we are branching out and taking on more geographic locations. We want our solar influence to continue to expand, that’s why we are taking over more than just the Southern California territory. Currently, we have locations in Northern California, Texas, and Nevada. The ability to grow our solar panel company has been surreal, and we are so thrilled to see the solar industry growing at such speed.

      Our Team

      LA Solar Group Employees

      LA Solar Group’s success and continued growth are because of our dedicated team members. It is their passion to do what is right for you: to listen to your goals and needs, inform you, and provide you with the best possible options to make a decision that is right for you.

      We take the time and responsibility to hire the best talent, and we invest in training and personal development. LA Solar Group encourages each team member to provide feedback that will innovate and improve processes. We are always striving to do things better and faster in the interest of our customers.

      Our Work

      Solar Installation process

      We make the process of installation simple for our customers by taking care of the more complicated steps. As a home battery storage system, we offer Tesla Powerwall. This system stores electricity that is generated by the solar panel system during the day. Powerwall is designed to work with any solar system. Check out the following video that describes our solar system installation process in Los Angeles.

      Our Presence and Partners



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