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Solar Heating System

{Solar water heaters,|The solar water heaters are|These solar-powered water heaters} also {known|referred to} {as solar hot water systems|by the name solar hot water system|in the field of solar hot water systems}{,|} {can be cost-effective ways|are cost-effective options|are an efficient way} to {heat|warm|provide heat to} your home. {They are|They’re|They’re completely} {free to use|available for use|accessible} in {all climates,|any climate,|any climate} and they {burn no fuel|do not burn any fuel|don’t burn any fuel}.

{Storage tanks and solar collectors|Solar collectors and storage tanks} are two {types|kinds|different types} {of solar water heating systems|of water heaters that are solar powered|in solar heating system}. There are two {types:|kinds:|typesof solar water heating systems:} {passive and active|active and passive} {solar water heating systems|system for solar heating|energy-efficient solar systems for water heating}. {Passive systems have no|Active systems do not have any|Passive systems are without} {controls and circulating pumps|control and circulators|controls or circulating pumps}.

Solar collectors and storage tanks

{Solar water heating system needs|The solar water heating system requires} {a well-insulated storage container|an adequately insulated storage container|storage containers that are well-insulated}. {The collector is connected to the solar storage tank|It is linked to the storage tank for solar energy|This collector connects to the solar tank} {via|through|by} an {additional outlet or inlet|additional outlet or an inlet|extra outlet or inlet}.

{The solar heating system heats|Solar heating systems heat|This solar system is used to heat} {water|the water} {before it is|prior to it being} heated in {two-tank|two tank} systems. The solar storage {is|system is|unit is} {combined|coupled|integrated} with the {back-up heater in|back-up heater to form|heater that backs it up in} {a single tank for one-tank|one tank for single-tank|the same tank in one-tank} systems.

Solar Hot Water System Installation

{Understanding the requirements and installation|Knowing the installation requirements and|Understanding the installation and requirements} {process is key to understanding|procedure is essential to understand|process is crucial to comprehend} {how solar hot water works|the way solar hot water functions|the solar hot water system} {in|within|inside} your home. It is {crucial to hire|essential to employ|important to engage} {a professional installer to ensure|an experienced installer to ensure|an expert installer to make sure} {that your solar hot water system is|the solar hot water systems are|you have your solar hot-water system} {properly|correctly} {set up|installed}.

Six steps to installing solar hot water

  • {Install solar collectors on your|Set up solar panels on the|Put solar solar collectors up on your} {rooftop|roof} {- For most|In the case of most|for the majority of} solar {hot water systems|hot water system|water heaters}, the {first|initial} {thing you should do is|step is to|thing to do is} {place the solar collectors on|put the solar collectors on|install the solar collectors onto} the roof. {Solar hot water collectors|The solar hot water collection systems|Collectors for hot water from solar} {look|appear} {similar to photovoltaic panels|like photovoltaic panels,|like photovoltaic panels} and {will also lay|can also be laid|also lie} flat on {your|the} roof. {To properly mount the collectors|In order to properly install the collectors,|For proper mounting of the collectors} {your installer might need|the installer may need|your installer may have} {to remove some of the|to take off some of the|remove some} {roof shingling to expose|roofing shingles to expose|roof shingling , which exposes} the {flat tar paper|tar paper flat|flat tar sheet} {that protects|which protects|which covers} {your roof deck and|the roof deck and|the roof deck as well as the} shingles. {Once you have found|After you’ve found|When you’ve located} or {created a suitable surface|constructed a suitable surface|found a suitable area}{, the collectors| that is suitable for the collectors, they| where the collectors} {can be moved into place|can be moved to the desired location|are able to be moved} and then screwed {into the|into|onto the} roof deck {and the underlying|as well as the underlying|and beneath the} {rafters|roof rafters|decking}.
  • Install {storage tanks and heat exchangers|heat exchangers and storage tanks} {- Your collectors will need|The collectors will require|Your collectors will require} {a storage tank to store|an storage tank to hold|storage tanks to store} their heated {antifreeze transfer liquid|liquid for antifreeze transfer|liquid antifreeze}. The {largest|most important|main} {component of a solar hot-water|element of a solar hot water|part of a solar hot-water} {system is the storage tank|installation is the tank for storage|device is the storage tank} {and|as well as} heat exchanger. {They are typically located|They’re typically|They’re usually located} in {a basement,|the basement|the basement,} or {utility|in a utility} closet. {There they can be accessed|They can be reached|These can be accessed} {by antifreeze tubing and|through antifreeze tubing as well as|via antifreeze tubing or} water lines. {This is the replacement|It is the alternative|The replacement} {step|process|procedure} for{ a| the|} {gas-powered water|propane-powered|gasoline-powered water} heater. {Depending on your home’s size|Based on the size of your home|Depending on the size of your house} and {water consumption|the amount of water you use|the water usage}{, you can install| it is possible to install| you are able to set up} {as many storage tanks as|the amount of storage tanks|as many tanks for storage as} you {need|require}. {This is also when|Also,|It is also the time when} you’ll {need to install|require|have to put in} {a backup tank that can|an additional tank that could|an emergency tank that can} {be powered by electricity|run on electricity|operate on electric power}{,|} or gas{ in case|, in the event that| in the event} {you run out of|you’re running out of|you’re not able to get} hot water.
  • Install piping systems {to transfer|for the transfer of|that transfer} fluid{ – Your|. Your|. The} {installer will run|contractor will connect|installation technician will install} flexible {pipe|pipes} from your roof {to your|to the|up to your} {new tank or tanks|brand new tanks or tank|newly constructed tank, or tanks} {to connect|that connect|for connecting} your {collectors and heat exchanger|heat exchanger and collector|heat exchangers and collectors}. Antifreeze {fluid flows from|fluid flows through|liquid flows from} {one pipe to the|an individual pipe towards the|another pipe, to} collectors{ and|, and| before flowing} {down to the heat exchanging|through to the heat exchanger|back to the heat exchanger} unit. {A second line will be|A second line is|Another line will be} {added|connected} {to the heat exchanger’s end|to the heat exchanger’s side|at the end of the heat exchanger} {to allow fluid to|so that the fluid can|to allow the fluid to} be {cycled|circulated}. {Additional pipes will be required|The additional pipes are required|Further pipes will be needed} to connect {multiple|several|the} collectors. {Access to your roof|The roof’s access|A roof access point} is {required|needed} {to install these antifreeze|for the installation of these antifreeze|to connect these} pipes. {This will usually mean drilling|It is usually necessary to drill|This usually means drilling} two holes {in|into} the deck{:|,} one {for the|to accommodate the|hole for} antifreeze {piping|pipe|pipes} and {one for the|the other for} return {piping|pipe|pipes}. {These holes do not need|The holes don’t have|These holes do not have} to be {bigger|larger|any larger} than the {pipe diameter and|diameter of the pipe and|pipe’s diameter. They} {can be|are} easily covered {with insulation material|with insulation|by insulation material} or replacement shingles {once|after|when} the installation is {complete|completed}.
  • Install water {transport pipes -|pipes for transport -|transport pipes} {Just like antifreeze fluids,|Similar to antifreeze fluids,|Like antifreeze fluids} water {must be circulated|needs to be circulated|has to circulate} {through your solar hot water system|via your hot solar system|by your solar hot water systems}. Copper {piping is|pipes are} {used to run water transport|used to connect water transport|utilized to transport water} lines from {your|the} storage tank {to your home|to your house|and your home}. {Most likely, your home|Most likely, your house|It is likely that your house} already has{ the necessary| the|} {water distribution lines|distribution lines for water}. {Your installer will only|The installer will|Your installer will just} {need to disconnect|have to disengage|require to shut off} {your old|the old|your} {hot water system and connect it to the new storage tank|hot water heater and hook it up to the storage tank|hot-water system, and then connect the tank to the brand new one} {and|as well as} backup system.

Important{ side|} note: {You will need|You’ll need|You’ll have} to {consider|think about|take into consideration} {the backup hot water infrastructure|your backup infrastructure for hot water|an alternative hot water system}. {Proper wiring is required|A proper wiring system is needed|It is essential to have a proper wiring plan} {if your backup water heater|for backup water heaters if it|in the event that your backup water heater} is {an electric one|electric}. {A gas line must|Gas lines must|A gas line needs to} be {installed|connected} {to the backup tank|into the tank that will be used as a backup|in the back tank} {if you intend|in case you plan|if you want} to {use|make use of} gas to {back up|power|backup} {your solar hot water|the solar water heater|to your solar hot water}.

  • Install control systems{ -|.} Two temperature sensors {must|should|need to} be {connected to wiring|wired|connected to wires} and {placed|installed} {along your|on the|in the} {hot water line|hot water lines|hot-water line}. One sensor {should connect|must be connected|should be connected} to your collectors{ and one|, and the other| and the other} to {your storage tank’s base|the base of your storage tank}. {These devices will be|The sensors will be|These sensors are} {connected to the central control system|linked to your central system of control|attached to the control central} {to|in order to|that will} {provide guidance about|give guidance on|guide you on} {when antifreeze fluid should|the time when antifreeze liquid should|when antifreeze fluid needs to} be circulated. If the temperature {at|of} the collectors {falls below|is lower than|drops below} {the temperature of the tank|that of the tank temperature|what the water tank’s temperature is}, {it is|it’s} not {necessary to circulate|required to circulate the} fluid. {In fact, this will|Actually, this can|In reality, this will} {cool|chill|reduce the temperature of} your water.Also{, a| the| it is necessary to have a} central control system {must|needs to|has to} be connected to {the|your} {home’s electricity supply|electrical supply to your home|power supply of your home}. {This device is|The device acts as|The central control system is} the {brain|central part|heart} of {your|the} solar {hot water system|water heater|hot water heating system}{,|} {and will allow|and allows|which will permit} you to {pump antifreeze using|circulate antifreeze based on|run antifreeze by using} the {data it receives|information it gathers|information it receives}.
  • Insulate the system {- Once|- After|once} {everything is in place|all is set|everything is installed}{, insulate every part| Insulate all the parts| Insulate all parts} {of any solar hot water|that is a solar hot water|in any solar hot-water} {job|system|installation}. The installer will {seal|cover|wrap} {all connections and plug any|every connection and plug any|all connections and plug} {holes in the roof|gaps in your roof|openings in the roofing}. It is {essential to properly|crucial to correctly|vital to properly} {insulate your system|to insulate your system|protect your system}.

{Although|While} {no two|there are no|not all} solar {hot water systems|hot water heaters|water heating systems} {are|for solar are} {identical, these|alike, these|identical, here} are the {steps that most|guidelines that most|most common steps} contractors{ will|} {follow when installing them|adhere to when installing them|be following when installing them}.

{These six steps are intended|The six steps listed below are designed|These six steps are meant} to {give an|provide a general|provide an} {overview of the process of|overview of the procedure for|outline of the process for} {installing|setting up|the installation of} solar hot water {systems|systems}.

They {do not reflect|don’t reflect|are not a reflection of} {every installer’s exact path|the exact route taken by each installer|the exact installation path of every installer}. {These steps will explain how|These steps will show you how|This guide will outline the steps} to {install|set up} an {indirect or active|active or indirect} solar {hot water system|water heater|hot water heating system}. {Many|A lot of|The majority of} {systems|installations|hot water systems that are installed} {in|are in use throughout|located in} the United States are indirect, active systems, {although|but|however,} not {all|all of them|all}.

Warranty for solar hot water

{Solar hot water components|The components for solar hot water|Solar hot water systems} {come with|are covered by|have} warranties{, just like| just like|, similar to} solar photovoltaic {devices|systems|units}. Before {installing|you install} {any solar hot water system,|the solar hot water systems,|an solar hot-water system} {make|be} sure {you understand|you are aware of|that you know} the {warranty terms|terms of warranty|terms of the warranty}. The warranty {on higher quality|for higher-end|on better quality} solar {hot water systems|water heaters|systems for hot water} {usually|typically|generally} {matches the price|is the same as the cost|will be the same price as the purchase}. {While most|Although most|While the majority of} warranties {cover repairs or replacements of|provide repairs or replacements for|include repairs or replacements for} defective {parts, it is|components, it’s|parts, it’s} {important to double-check|essential to check|crucial to double-check} with your installer {and manufacturer|and the manufacturer|as well as the manufacturer} to {confirm what they are|determine what is|verify what’s} {covered|and what they cover|included}.

Supplier of Solar Thermal Systems

{A solar|The solar|Solar} hot water {system heats|heater heats|system is a hot water system that heats} water {by utilizing the energy|using the energy|by harnessing the power} {of the sun|from the sun|that the sun provides}. {When there is not|If there isn’t|In the event that there isn’t} enough sunlight to {heat|warm|fully heat} the water {completely|to a complete degree}{, as a backup| in the event of a power outage| as a backup plan}{, an| the| an} {electric booster will be|electric booster is|electrical booster will be} activated. Solar hot water {does not|doesn’t} {generate electricity and only heat|produce electricity, but it does heat|generate electricity but only heats} {water|water}.

It is {important to note|crucial to remember|vital to know} that solar {hot water manufacturers|hot water producers|hot-water manufacturers} {usually sell|typically sell their products|typically sell} {to local installers|locally-based installers|directly to installers in the local area}. {These installers will often|Installers will typically|Installers typically} receive {training, support and|support, training and|training, support , and} {guidance|advice|direction} directly from the {solar industry manufacturer|manufacturer of solar products|solar industry’s manufacturer}.

{This can be|It could be|This could include} {anyone from local companies|any local company|any of the local businesses} {that also works|who also work|that also deal} {with solar hot water installation|in conjunction with solar hot water installations|on solar hot water installations} to {dedicated solar hot water companies|specific solar hot water companies|dedicated solar hot water firms}. {They may also be|These could also include|It could also be} {plumbers or electricians in some|electricians or plumbers in certain|electricians or plumbers in some} {cases|instances|situations}.

Texas Solar Group is one of the {leading quality|top quality|most reputable} solar heating systems {manufacturers worldwide|makers in the world|producers worldwide}. We {offer the best|provide the top|offer the most efficient} {flat plate|flat-plate|flat} solar collectors{ and| as well as|,} solar thermal collectors{ as well as|, as well as| along with} flat plate collectors{ options|| that are suitable} for {residential and commercial customers|commercial and residential customers}.

Texas Solar Group has long been a {market leader in|leader in the market for|market leader for} solar thermal collectors {and solar|as well as solar|and} {thermal collector components|component parts for thermal collectors|elements for the thermal collector}. Texas Solar Group products are {made to the highest standards|manufactured to the highest quality|constructed to the highest standard}{, with the roughest| and are designed with the toughest| that are built with the most challenging} {environmental factors and climates|conditions and environmental elements|environment and climates} in mind.

Texas Solar Group is the {corporation’s most reputable company in|largest and most trusted company of the corporation in|leading company of the company’s} solar heating solutions {for residential|for both residential|designed for residential} {and business use|and commercial use|as well as commercial usage}. They are {well-known for their long-lasting|well-known for their lasting|renowned for their long-lasting} {durability, high performance,|endurance, superior performance|reliability, performance,} and {elegant|stylish|beautiful} design.

Texas Solar Group is a {global leader in|world leader in the field of|worldwide leader in} {technology for renewable energy|the field of renewable energy technology|technologies for sustainable energy}{ with|. It has|. They have} more United {nations security council system|Nations Security Council system|nations security council} {options than any other company|alternatives than the other companies|choices than other businesses}.

{Although|While|Though} {all solar thermal collectors|every solar thermal collector} {can be extremely|are extremely|are highly} {efficient, not every|effective, no|efficacious, only a few} {collector|one} is {the best|ideal|suitable} for the {job|task}. Texas Solar Group produces two of the most efficient solar thermal collectors{ available| on the market|}{, each with different applications| and each has different uses| that have different applications} {of renewable energy technology|in renewable power technology|that utilize renewable energy technologies}.

{Although|While|Even though} {the most efficient collector is|an efficient solar collector can be|one of the best collectors is} {a sought-after product|sought-after}{, it can also cause| however, it could also lead to| but it is also prone to} {stagnation and overheating, which|overheating and stagnation, which|overheating and stagnation that} {can lead to|could cause|can cause} system {damage|failure}. {You want to choose|It is important to select|You should select} {a solar thermal systems|the solar thermal system} collector {with the highest efficiency|that is the most efficient|that has the best efficiency} {for your application|for your needs|to suit your needs}.

{Many manufacturers make|Numerous manufacturers offer|Many companies make} {complete systems and individual|whole systems and|complete systems as well as individual} {components for solar hot water|elements for solar hot water|parts for solar hot-water} {installations|systems}. There {is no one dominant|isn’t a single dominant|isn’t one major} {manufacturer of solar hot water|producer of solar hot water|manufacturer of solar hot water}.

{Instead, there are many|There are a variety of|In addition, there are numerous} solar hot water {companies|firms} {that produce quality|which produce high-quality|that manufacture high-quality} products and {develop innovative technology|create innovative technology|are developing innovative technologies}. {Solar hot water|The solar hot water system|Hot water from solar} is{ very|} {affordable and alternative energy|inexpensive and a renewable energy source|economical and an alternative source of energy} that America {can benefit from|can profit from|could benefit from}.

Texas Solar Group is trusted by {engineers, mechanical contractors|mechanical contractors, engineers} and {building owners around|building owners across|property owners all over} {the globe|the world|all over the world}. Texas Solar Group has the {ability to solve|capability to resolve} {any water heating problem|any issue with water heating,|every water heating issue} regardless of{ industry,| the industry,|} {fuel source or application|the fuel source, or the application|fuel source or use}.

Texas Solar Group has installations in more than 30 countries{ and|, and|. It} is a {key|major} {player in the global|player in the|participant in the global} {solar hot water manufacturing industry|manufacturing of solar hot water}. Texas Solar Group offers both flat plate {and|collectors and|collectors as well as} evacuated tube collectors{ and sells|, and also sells| as well as} {all components of a|the entire|the entirety of a} solar {hot water system|hot water systems|hot-water system}.

We {supply and manufacture|manufacture and supply|offer and manufacture} {complete solar hot water systems|whole solar hot water system|entire solar hot water heating systems}{ that| for solar that|. They} {use|utilize|make use of} {flat plate solar collector technology|the flat-plate solar collector|Flat plate solar collectors}{ and|. They} are {available in direct and indirect|available in indirect and direct|offered in indirect and direct} configurations. {In addition to|Alongside|Apart from} solar hot{,| water,} Texas Solar Group supplies entire solar pool heating systems.

You {can|will} {save money|reduce your expenses} {by using less energy|through using less electricity|with less use of energy} {at|for|to} work. You {can achieve the best|will get the highest|can get the best} {performance and lowest|performance and the lowest|efficiency and least} maintenance {when you choose|costs when you select|costs when you choose} the {right solution to|best solution for|correct solution for} {your solar heating|the solar heat|you solar heater} project.

We {ensure that your|will ensure that the|make sure that your} {design meets or exceeds|design is in line with or exceeds|project is completed to} your expectations{ and that|, and that| and} {the project is cost-effective|the project is affordable|your project is cost effective}. AET (Alternate {Energy|Technologies for Energy)} Technologies)’s commercial products {can be|are} installed by {well-trained professionals|trained professionals|highly-trained experts}.

{They are available in|The systems are offered in both|These are also available as} drain back {or|and} glycol {designs|models|styles}. {AET’s commercial systems are|Commercial systems from AET are|The commercial system of AET is} the {perfect|ideal|best} solution for {any project|every project|any job}{, no matter how big| regardless of how large| regardless of size} or {small|small}.

{To learn more|For more information|To find out more} {about our system|regarding our technology|concerning our systems},{ you can| click here to|} {interact|chat|communicate} live with {a|the|an} Texas Solar Group thermal installation.

We will {stay in touch|be in contact|keep in touch} until you are {satisfied|completely satisfied|happy}. {For a quote,|If you need a quote|To request a quote,} or {questions about|to inquire about|any questions regarding} solar {hot water controllers,|hot water heaters|water hot-water controllers}{ please|} {contact|get in touch with|reach} us. {We look|We are looking|We’re looking} {forward to hearing|to hear|to hearing} from you!

What are the pros and disadvantages of solar panels for your home?

{Solar panels for your home|The solar panels you install for your house|Home solar systems} {offer|can provide|provide} {many benefits, including lowering|numerous benefits, such as reducing|many advantages, including the possibility of lowering} {your electric bill from|the cost of electricity from|the electric bills you pay to} {your utility company, decreasing|your utility provider, reducing|the utility company, reducing} {your environmental impact|the environmental impact of your home|your carbon footprint} and increasing {your home’s value|the value of your home}. There are {some drawbacks to|some disadvantages to|a few disadvantages with} solar panels, {as with|just like|like} {all products|every product|any product}. {Not every roof is|Certain roofs are not|Some roofs are not} suitable for solar{ and| panels and|, and} it {can be|is sometimes|may be} difficult to {find|locate} {a solar installer|an installer for solar|an installer who can install solar panels}.


  • {Reducing|Reduce} {your carbon footprint|the carbon footprint of your home}
  • {Reduce your electricity bill|Lower your electric bill|Reduce your electricity bills}
  • {Increase|Enhance|Improve} {the value of your|the worth of your|its value} {house|home}
  • Earn money back on your investment
  • {Reduce rising electricity prices|Lower the price of electricity that is rising.|Reducing the rising cost of electricity}


  • Panels can be {costly|expensive} to {buy|purchase}
  • {It doesn’t work|It isn’t compatible|It’s not compatible} {with every type of roof|for every kind of roof.|with every kind of roof}
  • It’s not {ideal if|the best option if|ideal when} {your moving is imminent|you are planning to move in the near future|you’re planning on moving soon}.
  • It {can be|is sometimes} difficult to {find|locate} {local solar installers|the local installers of solar|locally-based solar contractors}.
  • {Low electricity costs equal|Lower electricity costs translate to|Costs of electricity are low, which means} {lower savings|savings that are lower}

Solar panels are {a smart|an excellent|a wise} investment that {will make|can yield|will yield} {a significant return on|an impressive return for|an excellent return for} {the majority of|most|many} homeowners. {Although rooftop home solar panels|While rooftop solar panels for homes|While solar panels on rooftops} {may not be the right|might not be the best|may not be the ideal} {fit for all homeowners|option for every homeowner|choice for every homeowner}{, it is perfectly acceptable| but it’s perfectly fine| however, they are perfectly acceptable}.

Solar panels, {like any|just like|as with any} other {home efficiency product offer|product for home efficiency, offer|home improvement product, provide} {clear benefits for|obvious benefits to|certain benefits for} homeowners{ who are|} {looking to reduce their electricity|seeking to lower their electric|trying to cut their electricity} {bills and upgrade|costs and increase|bill and improve} {their energy efficiency|the efficiency of their home’s energy use|their efficiency in energy usage}. {This does not apply to|However, this isn’t the case for|It is not the case for} {everyone|all homeowners|everyone}.


Top Residential Solar Companies

A full-service solar {company|firm|provider} {such as|like} LA Solar Group is easier and {more secure|safer}. {We will handle all aspects|We can handle every aspect|We’ll take care of all aspects} of your solar {energy system|system’s|energy system’s} installation{, as well as| as well as|, and}{ the|} maintenance. We are {an experienced|a seasoned}{, full-service| full-service| fully-service} solar{ energy|| power} installer. We {handle|manage|take care of} all {inspections and permits|permits and inspections}.

Why Choose LA Solar Group? LA Solar Group is a {leader in solar panel manufacturing|leading manufacturer of solar panels|pioneer in the field of solar panel manufacturing}{, with brands such as| and has brands like| including brands like} SunPower {and|as well as} Panasonic, LG, S-Energy, SunPower, LG, and {other companies|many others} {that have been around|which have been in existence|that have been in operation} for {over ten|more than ten|more than 10} years.

Our {track record|experience|history} is one of {success|the highest level of success|accomplishment}. We have completed {7680+ watts installations|7680+ watts of installations|installations of 7680+ Watts}{, 46MW+ residential and| as well as 46MW+ residential and| including 46MW+ residential as well as} 6.5MW{+ commercial installations, 94GWh+|plus commercial projects, and 94GWh+|Commercial installations. We have 94GWh plus} {production|of production|in production} {to date, and $72M|up to date, and $72 million|so far, and $72M}{+|plus|and more} in savings. We {are|rank} fourth in the {nation|country|United States} for {premium solar panels|the highest quality solar panels|solar panels that are of the highest quality} and {electric|electrical} equipment.

LA Solar Group is an NABCEP-certified{, full service|, full-service| full service} {PV installation solar company|PV installation solar business|solar PV company}. We have {outstanding|excellent|top} BBB ratings. LA Solar Group assigns you {a project manager to|an experienced project manager who will|the project manager to} {ensure you get the best|ensure that you receive the highest quality|make sure you receive the best} service.

{Your dedicated project manager|Your project manager|The project manager assigned to your project} will {answer your questions|be able to answer any questions you have|answer all your questions} and {explain the|provide you with|explain} {tax credits and incentives that|tax incentives and tax credits|incentives and tax credits} you {might be eligible for|may be eligible for|could be eligible for}.

Contact LA Solar Group today. {Solar energy is a|The solar energy system is|It is an} {renewable and clean|clean and renewable|renewable and green} energy {system|source}. {Many|Numerous|A variety of} {tax incentives and tax|incentive tax credits and|benefits and incentives for tax} {benefits|advantages|credits} are {available|offered|readily available}.

Solar energy {can lower|could lower|can reduce} {your electric bills and|your electricity bills as well as|the cost of electricity and also} {reduce your environmental impact|lessen the environmental impact|decrease your carbon footprint}. Your {agreement with the|contract with your} utility company to {supply|feed|bring} solar {electricity back into|energy back to|power back into} the grid {may allow|could allow|could permit} you to {be paid|receive a payment|be compensated}.



The main reason why this happens is when you have a grid-tied solar system, it has safety measures preinstalled to shut down production in case of a power outage so as not to do extensive damage to the grid or the employees working on fixing the outage.

If you would like to be less dependent on the grid or ideally have no dependence, then you can add storage batteries to your solar system.
Backup batteries store the excess energy produced by solar for later use (for example, when there is a power outage). You can provide backup for some of your home appliances or all of them by installing more batteries depending on your energy consumption.

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