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Zero Waste Lifestyle: Sun As An Energy Source


After this article, your viewpoint towards the functions of the sun will modify. A zero waste lifestyle leads you to choose and consume the resources at your house in an efficient manner. As the Zero Waste movement initiated the notion of leading a zero waste lifestyle, it is important to understand its concept. So, what is it? It is the process of reducing the amount of a product a person consumes and throws away. The main idea behind this movement is replacing non-ecological products with sustainable ones and reducing waste. The definition of the concept doesn’t end there. The movement can also be related to energy consumption. People who consume fossil fuel energy create a lot of waste. As a result, there arises the need to consume sustainable energy from renewable sources, such as the sun. Solar energy is one of the greatest contributors to a waste-free lifestyle. It generates plenty of energy but leaves almost zero waste – an essential contributor to the movement. Kathryn Kellogg, a climate optimist, Nat Geo’s spokesperson for plastic-free living, and the author of the book called “101 Ways To Go Zero Waste,” supports the switch from fossil fuels to solar energy as a contribution to environmental sustainability and zero waste lifestyle.


What Is Solar Energy? 

The power that comes from the sun is solar energy. Sun is a green energy source; thus, the sun’s energy is green energy – the best metric for the world’s sustainability. The benefits of the energy of the sun are a plethora. It is a limitless, affordable, and environmentally friendly source of energy. No matter how much sun’s energy you consume, there always exists conserved excess energy that you can consume whenever and wherever necessary. Suppose a blackout happens in your area of residence and a power outage occurs. But, you have a solar panel system that supplies you with inexhaustible energy. In such a situation, there is no need to worry about power availability. You are guaranteed that the battery of your solar panel system will supply the conserved excess energy to any point of your house. Just highlight that with the energy of the sun, you forget about blackouts and power outages. 

How Does Kathryn Kellogg Explain The Importance Of Solar Energy? 

Kathryn Kellog, who is an expert in the Zero Waste movement, certifies the information mentioned above. She states that solar panels reduce fossil fuel dependency, save money, reduce utility bills, and support the movement. Besides, she advises not to worry about solar panel costs. Solar panel companies provide you with multiple financing options and financial incentives to make your purchasing experience pleasant and exciting. For instance, Kathryn Kellog mentions leasing, solar panel tax credit, and monthly loans. Above all, companies like LA Solar Group provide you with the opportunity to choose from other financing options and incentives, including private lending and Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). In the solar industry, everything is unlimited, like solar energy! 

How Kathryn Kellogg Became A Climate Optimist And Zero Waste Environmentalist?

Her story is a personal one. In her blog, she has shared the story of her life to inspire and motivate others to take care of the environment, which directly impacts human health. Her story began in college when she got breast cancer accompanied by other tumors. As she wasn’t allowed to get operated on, she needed to take care of herself and change her lifestyle to continue living without pain. Step by step, she started being attentive towards the products she consumed, including foods, beauty and hygiene products. She even highlights in her blog that changing the deodorant she used was a huge step toward her healthy self. Such attentiveness towards the consumed products brought her to continuing a healthy and pain-free life. Indeed, her integration into the Zero Waste movement didn’t stop there. When she met her spouse and moved to California, she was shocked to see the waste there and got confused about the impact of that environment on human health. She created a goal to inspire people to take care of their surroundings as she believes that the health of an individual is connected with environmental sustainability. As a result of her goal, she created her blog and wrote her book called “101 Ways To Go Zero Waste.” 


101 Ways To Go Zero Waste

The book is all about how to lead a waste-free lifestyle and eliminate the probability of life-threatening diseases. In her book, Kathryn Kellogg shares easy-to-do recipes for home and beauty, tips for efficient consumption of products, advice for smart and zero waste grocery shopping, as well as tips on better choices for fashion, goods, office, and home. The book is an easy-to-read handbook that inspires the reader to join the Zero Waste movement and complement the sustainability of the planet. 


Even though in the handbook, Kathryn Kellogg doesn’t approach energy consumption, in her blog, she points out how important it is to switch from fossil fuels to solar energy

Let’s not forget about the interconnectedness of the environment and our health. If we treat the environment in a sustainable manner, it will thank us with brilliant health. 

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan



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