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Solar Blackouts

The 21st-century resident is totally dependent on electricity. A 30-minute power outage is a real challenge for him. It’s hard to imagine that today millions of people are at risk of experiencing energy outages. Thus, rolling blackouts have always been annoying occurrences appearing when least expected. Consumers are neither well informed nor guaranteed against those shutdowns. Therefore, this situation urged us to inform and guide people on proceeding.
Rolling blackouts are deliberate electrical power shutdowns over different selected areas to prevent total blackout of the state. The outages are the result of the well-known Supply-Demand trick. Whenever the grid cannot supply sufficient electricity to meet consumers’ demand, the electricity deficit occurs, resulting in power outages. Your electricity utility decides the duration and the area where the California blackouts happen. Hence, technically no one is guaranteed against it. The average duration of the blackouts is 1 hour, though it can last even longer.

Solar Energy Against Rolling Blackouts

Solar energy production is rapidly and steadily growing, holding the potential to fight back the rolling blackouts. From 2019 to 2020, solar energy experienced 23% growth, easing the burden of a grid. Considering this fact, as a state, California highly values solar energy and offers various incentives to encourage people to go solar.
Solar companies, in their turn, suggest various financing options so that solar does not get in the way of going green.

Storage Batteries Against Rolling Blackouts

Additionally, the installation of backup batteries is also widely supported to store energy for later use. The storage batteries supply energy for your home during power outages preventing any inconvenience that an outage may result. Depending on the number of backup batteries during an emergency, you can back up your emergency loads such as some essential lights, fridge or whatever is important to you. Moreover, if you add more batteries, you can back up your whole house with all the loads at your home from fridge to central AC and EV charger.



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