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Equipment Warranty

Ensured by LA Solar Group and the Manufacturer.

Labor Warranty

Replacement and repair backed by the Manufacturer

Production Warranty

Contingent on our panels’ degradation rate.

Roof Warranty

10 years roof penetration warranty for a new roof

save ON Energy Bills

Reduce your electric bills and protect against rising energy costs by powering your home with solar energy. Solar industry gets technologically developed continuously, which in turn decreases the average cost of solar panels as well as the needed solar equipment. Not only will you generate free power for your system’s 25+ year lifecycle, but you will also earn a great return on your investment.

Tesla Powerwall

Store the excess energy that your solar panel system produces on the grid and make use of it during an outage or at night. You will ensure your energy security and will have your home powered 24/7. Trust the quality installation of your Powerwall to our experienced team by simply clicking the button below and getting registered for a free consultation.

Enphase storage

Reduce your environmental impact by having your excess solar energy stored in a battery that is safe and reliable. Its fail-safe system will provide you with continuous energy production by avoiding your backup power failure risks. Our team of professionals will take care of your battery installation, and you will be able to manage your system production, storage, and usage with a single app.


Once we get familiar with your energy needs and requirements, we will take care of all the processes from permitting to installation. Our consultants will provide you with options suitable for your needs and will help you make the best choice by providing you with all the necessary details. We are ready to assist you throughout your whole solar journey in case you have any concerns and are looking forward to meeting your solar needs.

Variety to Meet
Your Needs

We offer the industry’s best solar panels such as Panasonic, Q Cells, LG, Phono Solar and currently, also LA Solar with its aesthetically pleasing design that will look perfect on your roof. There is a variety of shapes, colors, price, as well as efficiency to meet your specific needs. Request a quote, and our consultants will help you make your choice by providing you with all the needed details.

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