LA Solar Group


LA Solar group is an all-in-one-service solar company taking care of solar system and storage battery installation and roof maintenance services. With various financing options, comprehensive warranty and system management offered, LA Solar Group prides itself on quality service. We have carried out solar projects for residential and commercial areas. Based on the roof type, location, angle, orientation and customer preferences we provide customer solution solar installations.

Types of Solar Installations

  • Ground Mounted- as the name suggests, ground-mounted solar panel installation is applicable at ground level. It mostly allows you to control the level and location of the panels to get the most solar energy out of your solar panels.
  • Solar carports- with PVs installed on the parking lots, solar carports do not only shield your car but also provide energy to the nearby areas, either residential or commercial.
  • Roof-mounted- with solar panels installed directly on the roof, a roof-mounted solar system is the most common way of solar panels installation.
  • Solar ballasts- contrary to regular roof-mounted solar panel installations, in this case there is no penetration to the rafters. The technicians cement concrete blocks on the roof surface without penetration to the rafter. Moreover, they can tilt the flat roofs up to 10 degrees.
  • Reverse tilts/tilt leg– the best option for north-facing roofs is to change the orientation of the panels to get the maximum production. In this case, reverse tilt installation is applicable to adjust the panel locations at the most appropriate orientation to get the sunlight.  
  • Pipe rack– installers recommend this type of installation for flat roofs. Since flat roofs are typical for business areas, solar rack systems are more commonly installed for commercial projects. While any dust and debris will flow off from the sloped roof, for the flat roof, things are more complicated. That’s the reason that you need to install racks to tilt the panels array.

Such installations have been carried out in private and public areas such as own properties, large business centers, sport complexes, medical clinics and educational institutions.
In LA Solar Group, the variety doesn’t only refer to the panel installation system. The same refers to our financing options, system management tools and a comprehensive warranty.