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Residential solar projects are applied in private properties. La Solar Group suggests the best solar system for homes, coming up with custom solutions based on the homeowner’s roof size, location, orientation, condition, energy consumption and preferences. We offer ground-mounted, roof-mounted and carport-mounted systems for our customers to give them a variety of options.

Benefits of residential solar projects for homeowners in LA

   -Reduced bills
   -Increase home value 
   -Solar incentives
   -Large financing options 
   -Less dependence on the grid 
   -Protection from power outages (with batteries installed) 
   -Eco-friendly step

The residential energy solutions that LA Solar Group suggests comprise the latest technology, meticulous engineering, quality installation, outstanding support, and the best warranty.

Our Comprehensive Warranty

LA Solar Group provides its customers with a full warranty package. This includes a 25-year warranty on workmanship, solar panels, inverter, production, and roof penetration.
We also suggest a variety of premium solar panels and other solar-related equipment, including storage batteries.
This variety also refers to our financing options, system management tools, and maintenance service.
Variety of financing options
Our dedicated team offers a wide range of financing options to ensure that the price does not get in the way of going solar. If you are not ready to pay the upfront fee, you can install the system through loan, lease or PPA with us.
System ManagementOur smart electric panel helps you manage the solar power distribution, be in charge of your solar panels’ condition, and plan the energy usage. Most importantly, if you need any assistance in managing the system, our helpdesk is available 24/7.
Solar Panel Maintenance 
LA Solar Group offers solar panel cleaning and repair for all solar systems, including systems installed by other solar energy companies. 

LA Solar Group is a CSLB C-10 licensed electrical contractor, in addition to being a CSLB C-46 licensed solar contractor. This enables us to provide an integrated solution designed, installed, and supported by a single company that you can trust.