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    LA Solar Group wants to thank the community for their support in helping us grow into the best solar panel company we can be. To show our appreciation, we will pay our customers $501 for each solar referral upon completion of the referral’s installation. Customers can even buy solar panels online, making it easier than ever to go solar!

    Please provide the contact information for each referral that you believe could benefit by going solar and we will do the rest. Think of your co-workers, friends, or family when considering referrals. If your referral decides to buy solar panels, you will receive your $501 thank-you payment. Please contact your solar consultant for program details, and remember that buying solar panels is the best way to maintain energy efficiency.

    You can submit the form below and our representative will contact you once your referral installs their solar system.



    The main reason why this happens is when you have a grid-tied solar system, it has safety measures preinstalled to shut down production in case of a power outage so as not to do extensive damage to the grid or the employees working on fixing the outage.

    If you would like to be less dependent on the grid or ideally have no dependence, then you can add storage batteries to your solar system.
    Backup batteries store the excess energy produced by solar for later use (for example, when there is a power outage). You can provide backup for some of your home appliances or all of them by installing more batteries depending on your energy consumption.

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