Enphase troubleshooting

Wifi Not Connected To Envoy

Envoy S

Locate the WPS button/function on your router or network access point.

1. Enable the WPS feature on your internet network.
2. Within 2 minutes, press the top button of the Envoy S for 5 seconds until the top light, next to the  icon begins to blink green.
3. Wait 3-5 minutes, if the top light next to the  icon turns solid green the connection was successful.

Envoy R

How to Set Up Wi-Fi using WPS
Verify that the wireless adapter in the Envoy is plugged in securely to the left slot near the power cable. Also verify that your wireless router supports Wi-Fi WPS. Most routers have a dedicated button, however in some cases you may need to read the manual to determine how to enable this function.

1. Press and hold the WPS button on the wireless router (or access point) for two seconds. On many routers, the WPS button flashes at this point.
2. Within two minutes, return to the Envoy. Press and hold the Envoy menu button until the Envoy Menu appears. Release the Envoy menu button when Enable Wi-Fi WPS
appears on the LCD screen.
3. Within two minutes an updated IP address appears on the Envoy LCD screen. This IP address begins with a “W” to indicate that a wireless connection is established.
4. If the updated IP address does not appear, retry the previous steps as the connection window may have timed out.
5. Within 5 minutes, the Envoy LCD screen displays +Web, indicating a successful connection to Enphase.

How Set Up Wi-Fi Without Wi-Fi WPS
If your router does not support Wi-Fi WPS or you do not wish to use Wi-Fi WPS, you can follow these steps to establish a wireless connection using one of the listed protocols:

1. Using a cat-5(Ethernet) cable, connect the Envoy to a laptop or PC on your network.
2. The envoy will then display an IP Address
3. Type this IP address into the address bar of your internet browser
4. This will prompt you to log into the Envoy
5. To log in, enter “admin” as the username and “admin” as the password
6. Access the Envoy Administrator page
7. Select on Wi-Fi configuration
8. Select the wireless network and enter the password
9. Click on “Test Connection”
10. Once the Test connection is successful click on “Join Network”
11. You have now connected the envoy to the router via Wi-Fi
12. Unplug Cat-5 and relocate the envoy to the dedicated outlet where it was originally
13. For more questions please contact AlexR@lasolargroup.com

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