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Customer Wide Hoymiles Cellular Update

The Hoymiles monitoring app allows you to monitor your system’s production through your home’s internet connection.

In monitoring your system’s production, the S-miles Enduser app allows for energy monitoring directly from your cell phone.

It also helps us make improvements and adjustments. This allows us to track the data more effectively to ensure your system meets the production guarantee.

Step-by-step transcript

  1. Connect the phone to DTU wi-fi ( DTUP-(the last digits of the DTU serial number) it should say “connected, no internet” as it’s not an internet device ).
  2. Open the S-Miles Enduser app
  3. Click on the name icon (little person-looking icon on the left top part).
  4. Click on “network configuration”.
  5. When it gives the option to choose either Wi-Fi or ethernet, need to choose Wi-Fi and delete the automatic (DTU-W100) login and password, and write down HOME WI-FI login and password (this step is very important because if you write one letter or number wrong the reset steps will not work).
  6. Click “Send to DTU”.
  7. Click “Finish”.

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