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Solar Panel Testimonials

Our dedicated team and customer-oriented approach have led us to the solar testimonials full of apprehension and the highest level of customer satisfaction. We strive to build long-lasting relationships, making LA Solar Group Family bigger each time.

We prefer to stay silent, our customers will talk instead, sharing their personal experience!

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Go Solar, Go Save, Get Satisfied!​

LA Solar Group strives to provide the best-quality products and services to our customers. No wonder we have the highest ratings on Yelp and other digital platforms. Our punctual and caring staff makes our Customers’ experience as beneficial as possible.

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Goes with LA Solar Group Twice

Being a solar customer since 2011 and starting his research years before that, he chose LA Solar Group Twice. High-Rated Reviews, Neat Installation, the Opportunity to save both money and the environment, and the increase in home value were among the reasons that made him go with us for both of his houses.

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Solar saves Money & Environment

We make our customer’s dream come true. She chose LA Solar Group to save on her utility bills and the environment she lives in. She is excited to contribute to a cleaner environment and is very satisfied with her choice.

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LA Solar Group combines roofing and solar projects to our customers. We may offer solar and roofing packages if you combine both your roofing and solar projects with us. Our offers are hard to beat in today’s market prices.

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Go Solar Quicker and Cheaper

LA Solar Group promises the highest quality and delivers it in a personalized way to best fit your needs. We do understand that demands are unique and we can provide a way of satisfaction for most designs. Here we show how he got a $0 installation fee, 2 days of installation, and significant savings on the bill.

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Solar incentives

Our customers believe that LA Solar Group provides an outstanding way to set green and clean examples for younger generations. Todays’ climate disasters are a fresh reminder that we all need to increase social responsibility, and LA Solar Group is more than happy to make that happen.

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Healthcare Going Solar

There are different incentives for driving our customers to Go Solar. Being Environmentally Friendly, Saving Money on Energy Bills, and Lessening the burden on the amount of power used in the Community are few. Plus, there is no need to worry about Permitting and other Legal Procedures, since LA Solar will take care of end to end solutions.

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Solar panels pay for themselves

This customer lists the number of reasons why he has gone solar by choosing LA Solar Group. Among the reasons he mentioned are: always available, mindful professionals, easy process, and a great solar panel system that helps them save on electricity bills and leave a smaller carbon footprint.



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