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Installing Electric Car Charger At Home

Electric vehicle chargers are an excellent solution for homeowners with EV cars to charge their car battery right at their own property. Nowadays, cars come with a charging unit compatible with 120v regular outlets. However, 120v outlets or Level 1 chargers are not the best options for your EV. While it may take a day for the same car to fill up with 1 Level charger, Level 2 charger may require around 5 hours to accomplish your electric vehicle charging experience. LA Solar Group

Installing Electric Car Charger At Home LA Solar Group
Level 2 Charger or 240v Outlet

For the home charging installation Level 2 chargers are better options. They can be either plugged-in or hardwired. Depending on your electric service, the most common outlets are NEMA 14-50 (240V, 50A) or NEMA 14-30 (240V, 30A) for level 2 charging.

Hardwired Level 2 chargers require the involvement of an electrician to wire the outlet to your home’s main service panel. We recommend licensed EV charger electricians you can trust to do the job for charging outlet installation.
LA Solar Group is a CSLB C-10 licensed electrical contractor and a CSLB C-46 licensed solar contractor. This enables us to provide an integrated solution designed, installed, and supported by a single company that you can trust.

To charge your EV with plug-in level 2 chargers, you simply need to have a 240v socket in your garage. This is much more affordable, especially when most American homes already have it. On the contrary, hardwired Level 2 chargers cost around $1000 plus the installation cost. In LA Solar Group, you can get free installation for up to 8 feet from the outlet to your main panel.

Electric Outlet
EV CHARGERS at home are
  1. Convenient
  2. Cost-efficient
  3. Emissions-free

With the rapid growth of electric vehicles, the prices for EV chargers are dropping down. You can buy quality chargers for as affordable as $1400.
Installing the EV outlet at the same time as your solar system or electric main panel upgrade allows you to save time and money.
Installing an EV charger for homes provides flexibility in using almost any electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE), depending on the EV’s requirements.

In addition to rebates and other incentives, many utilities have special rate plans that provide lower rates for electricity used to charge EVs.
Don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or by completing the contact form. Our consultants will work with you to create the best solution that fits your needs.



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