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What is the way Solar Energy Helps the Environment

What is the way Solar Energy Helps the Environment

Solar power is being embraced by homeowners as well as utilities in America at a rapid rate. Partly due to the decreasing price of solar panels, solar power has experienced an explosive rise in popularity. The United States has had the best year for solar ever due to rebates and incentives. Solar energy offers many benefits that include lower prices. By reducing your dependence on fossil fuels, you can increase your health and protect the environment. It is also possible to install solar panels in your home or office.

Solar Energy has a Positive Environmental Impact

Sun’s power is renewable and clean which is good for the environment. Energy alternatives that are not derived from fossil sources to reduce carbon emissions and lower greenhouse gas emissions around the world. The positive impact of solar energy on the environment is well-known.

The majority of electricity produced in the U.S. is generated from fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. The environment is not being well served by fossil fuel extraction and use. Solar energy however is abundant and cost-free. If we could harness all solar energy in just one hour it could power the entire planet for a year.

You can cut down your dependency on fossil fuels by investing in solar energy.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions are reduced by Solar Energy

Solar power is a great source to produce electricity and reduce the greenhouse gas emission. Carbon dioxide (CO2). Climate change and the rise in temperatures can be caused by greenhouse gasses. Climate change has already caused grave health and environmental issues throughout the Northeast. This is due to extreme weather and rising sea levels.

Solar energy can reduce the use of fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower the carbon footprint of your home. A single residence with a solar energy system could have a significant impact on the environment. As per the U.S Energy Information Administration, an average Connecticut house with solar panels generates 8,288 kWh of electricity annually. The switch of the state from fossil fuels towards solar power produces the same emissions reduction effect as planting 150 trees every year.

The average New York home consumes 7,248 kWh per year. The solar panels provide a cleaner source of electricity than coal burning, and can result in the same carbon emissions.

Solar Energy can reduce respiratory and cardiovascular health problems

One of the greatest benefits that solar power has is its capacity to produce very minimal levels of air pollutants. Through an analysis, the Department Of Energy (NREL) observed that widespread adoption of solar energy could drastically reduce nitrous oxide and Sulphur emissions. All of these pollutants can be harmful to your health. Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory discovered that solar energy offers numerous health benefits. It reduces the risk of breathing problems and respiratory issues.

Solar energy has many benefits. Solar energy will not only save you cash on your electric bills but can also help reduce the carbon footprint of your home, and improve your health and improve the life of your family members. Compare solar quotes to find out the amount you can save.

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Solar Energy's impact on the Environment

Here are some benefits of Solar Energy for the environment:

1. Reduce water consumption

Water is among our greatest natural resources. Photovoltaic and concentrating solar power stations (PV) offer renewable electricity that is clean. Use of solar power technologies

Water (approximately twenty Gallons per Megawatt-hour, or gal/MWh) is required for cleaning solar collection and reflective surfaces like mirrors, heliostats and PV (PV) panels. But solar panels do not need water to create energy. When the boards and panels are a bit dirty, rainwater can clean them.

2. Air pollution reduction

Clean air is essential for our health and well-being. But, traditional sources of energy such as natural gas, oil or coal need the extraction and burning of fossil fuels. They produce harmful methane and carbon dioxide, which can affect the quality of our air. Pollutants in the air are not just detrimental to your health, it also contributes to climate change. Solar panels produce no harmful emissions. Thus, solar panels are able to help reduce the amount of pollution in the air. People who use solar power also emit less toxic emissions than people who use fossil fuels.

3. Switching to solar will lower greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions

Pollution in the air is caused through the release of harmful gasses into the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide and methane. Solar energy can help decrease the use of fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce the carbon footprint of your home. The environment can be affected by solar panels installed on a home. Solar energy is unaffected by the harmful impacts of energy production as well as fuel burning.

4. Reduce your household's carbon footprint

Solar energy is one the most sustainable energy sources.

Solar energy isn’t the same as other sources of energy. It doesn’t require water for the production of electricity and does not emit harmful gasses into our environment. You can cut down on carbon dioxide emissions by switching to solar power instead of the electric grid.

5. Dependent on fossil fuels

Solar Energy is unlimited and free. You can use all the energy it generates for one hour and then utilize this to run the whole world for a whole year. Fossil fuels are rapidly exhausting, unlike other sources of energy. Reducing dependency on these scarce resources and making the most of an abundant and cost-free source of energy could result in lower energy costs and a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions , and more secure future.

Solar power has many advantages for the planet, particularly when it comes down to our environment. You can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from greenhouses, improve the quality of our air, and protect our precious water, and also lower energy prices and energy free from the fossil fuels.

How solar panels and a household battery can reduce the carbon footprint of your home

The planet can be made healthier and safer. You can power your home with the solar energy of solar panels, or use battery storage in order to lessen global climate change. This will lead to an improved future.

It’s evident that our world is rapidly changing. We’re here to work towards a brighter tomorrow in the world of pandemics worldwide, climate change, and natural catastrophes that have already caused serious destruction.

LA Solar Group helps thousands of families in America to get low-cost renewable energy. The company is fighting global warming. Going solar isn’t just a way to offset the effects of climate change. It’s also a significant step toward solving the inequality that exists in the communities that are most affected by the negative effects of environmental pollution.

Solar panels won’t suffice to mitigate the effects of rising global temperatures and increased greenhouse gas emissions. To keep the planet clean we require comprehensive renewable energy solutions such as batteries and solar panel systems. This will help protect our planet against further air pollution, higher temperatures, and even more hazardous weather storms. Solar power is a way to make power available to everyone to create a safer world for our children and the next generations.

The Numbers: Better Planet

Check out these figures to discover how LA Solar Group solar panels have helped reduce the country’s carbon emissions. The 2019 Impact Report demonstrates what can be accomplished when working with a green company. These are some highlights from the past year:

  • Since 2007, LA Solar Group has since 2007 offset 5.2 million tonnes of carbon. This is 586 million gallons of gasoline to the average car.
  • Since 2007, LA Solar Group installed 1,987 megawatts of solar power which makes them one of the top solar companies in the world.
  • On average, a new LA Solar Group system is put in place each two minutes.
  • 2019 saw 4.5 megawatts in solar power power installed by LA Solar Group and the GRID Alternatives to 917 households living on poor incomes. This saved $19 million over their lifetime in addition to reducing 45,000 tons GHG emissions from communities most affected by pollution from the environment and health concerns.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs), Impact the Planet, and Our Health

Scientists are of the opinion that extreme weather events can result from increasing levels of GHGs. This is more than a quarter all of our GHG emissions.

The greenhouse gasses are a major environmental influence on the environment, including weather, air quality health, and climate. Carbon dioxide and methane cling to the ground, capturing heat that would otherwise increase to keep the planet cooler. This is a solar panel expense which is averaging between 60,000 and 70,000 Americans every year, with regards to illnesses such as respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer.

How can solar panels and battery storage benefit the environment?

We can reverse the harmful consequences of GHGs on our atmosphere and the environment by switching to renewable sources of energy like solar power. Solar power is completely free of greenhouse gases and can dramatically reduce the amount of air pollution.

While solar panels are capable of producing renewable, emission-free electricity, it’s equally important to comprehend the way electricity gets distributed. The battery storage is used to store solar energy, ensuring that it is available when you need it. This ensures that renewable energy doesn’t go to waste.

Each state has recognized the benefits that battery storage offers. Texas is one of them. Texas is investing heavily in solar energy storage. Research suggests that this can reduce GHGs up to 57%.6 The solar plant in Hawaii at Kauai will be able to store 2.8 million gallons per year and generate electricity for more than half the island’s peak-nighttime electrical load.

Extreme Weather Causes More Blackouts

The use of solar energy and battery storage could assist us in reducing the environmental impact of our lives and also improve our health. They’ll also be able to ensure that lights are on for Americans even in the face of an old electrical grid that isn’t able to stand up to extreme natural disasters or powerful storms.

It is imperative to act quickly to prevent catastrophic effects for entire regions due to the constantly changing conditions in the planet’s ecosystems and atmosphere.

Together we can change the world.

LA Solar Group continues to push for the use of clean energy at all levels, including at the local and state level. Recently, we committed to installing solar panels at most 100 megawatts solar for California residents living in multifamily housing developments that have modest or low incomes. The installations will be free for tenants. Everyone should have the chance to be part of the nation’s shift to renewable energy.

People from all over all over the U.S. are turning to solar power for their health and for the benefit the communities they live in. After suffering from a serious breathing problem, LA Solar Group customer Jim Fleming made the move to Arizona. Jim Fleming, a retired man with a fixed-income, was shocked by Arizona’s cost of energy. Jim chose to go solar with LA Solar Group in seeking more reliable rates. Jim and his wife have now control of their energy usage and can rest easy knowing they are helping to clean the air surrounding them. Jim’s story.

LA Solar Group can help you reduce your carbon footprint

Fossil fuels are not renewable. They are costly to produce and can cause environmental damage. However the energy produced by sunlight is renewable, free and clean.

We can all work together to make the planet cleaner and safer for everyone. LA Solar Group is an organization that has solar panels installed and battery storage. This will help decrease our dependence of fossil-fuels. Each family or individual who converts to solar helps reduce the impact of climate change in their community and the world.

LA Solar Group is the reason the reason Americans are switching to solar power. Contact one of our Solar Advisors today to receive a an online, no-cost consultation.



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