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Variable Speed Pool Pump

Variable speed pool pump may require an initial cash outlay, but it is worth it. Its permanent magnet motor enables you to control the pump’s speed from the highest to the lowest or average. Such motors are famous for their energy-saving characteristics. While running swimming pool pumps for longer hours, they require fewer amps and watts, reducing energy consumption.
The cost of such pumps ranges from $800-1200 plus the installation cost, which is more expensive than single or dual-speed pumps, but it is an investment that is worth it. Besides the reduced energy consumption, they also work quieter and have a scheduling period. The ability to schedule different run times at different speeds means you can run the pump, especially at higher speeds when it is off-peak.
Another undeniable perk of the variable speed pool pump is that you can monitor the work of the motor through an app and even get insights into the electricity costs.

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Single Speed Pool Pump and Dual Speed Pool Pump

While all the variations of pool pumps accomplish the same task, that is circulating the water to keep your pool clean, they do it with different efficiency. Single and double speed pumps are less efficient and cost-wasting alternatives to the variable speed pump. As the name suggests, single-speed swimming pool pumps are devoid of such a perk as speed variation. They always work in a high-potential mode leading to high electricity bills.
Dual-speed pumps have induction-style motors like single-speed pumps, and they can be run at a lower and higher speed. However, they do not adjust for a specific flow rate: even if they run at a lower speed, they still use the same amperage.
Variable speed pool pumps are 90% more efficient than single-speed pumps and 30% more efficient than dual-speed pumps.
This is due to the magnetic motor that runs the pool pump and filter system for a longer time at a lower speed and cuts off energy consumption.
This ability to limit and monitor energy consumption means increased savings for you.

LA Solar Group offers rebate-eligible pumps from manufacturers such as Pentair and Hayward.
LA Solar Group also provides the installation of GFCI breakers if required.
The decision to install a variable speed pool pump is easy when considering the real-life savings of hundreds of dollars per year in electric costs.
Combined with rebates offered by many utility companies, these savings result in a short payback period.
LA Solar Group is a CSLB C-10 licensed electrical contractor, in addition to being a CSLB C-46 licensed solar contractor. This enables us to provide an integrated solution designed, installed, and supported by a single company that you can trust.



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