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Installing Photovoltaic Panels

Installing Photovoltaic Panels

{In the|Within the|The} United States, more than one million homes have {gone|switched to|been converted to} solar. {Many more are looking into|A lot of people are considering|More are exploring} {solar PV systems|the possibility of solar PV panels|Solar PV technology}. {You might be looking|You may be searching|Perhaps you are looking} for solar {energy and want|power and would like|energy and wish} to {learn|know} {more about the process|how to go about|details about the procedure} {of|for|involved in} {installing|setting up|the installation of} solar panels. {Between signing the contract and|From signing the agreement to|When you sign the lease and} {having|getting} {your home powered by|the home powered with|your house powered by} solar {electricity|energy|power}{, there| There| there} {are five steps|is a series of five actions|5 steps to follow}. {The majority of this is|Most of this is|The majority of this process is} {done|performed|hidden} {behind the scenes|in the background}. {We have outlined|We’ve provided|We’ve outlined} {a five-step guide|the steps in a five-step process|an easy five-step procedure} to {help you understand the typical|guide you through the|provide you with the basic} solar installation {process|procedure}.

How does the Solar Photovoltaic System work?

{Once you have|After you’ve|Once you’ve} {installed solar panels,|set up solar panels|put in solar panel,} you {can|are able to} {start harnessing|begin harnessing|begin to harness} the {power of nature’s most abundant|energy of the world’s largest|potential of nature’s richest} {resource|source of energy}. {How does this work|What is the process|How do you accomplish this}?

{After being installed|Once installed|After installation}{, solar panels capture| solar panels absorb| solar panels, they capture} {the sun’s energy and use|sunlight’s energy and utilize|the sun’s energy , and then use} {it to produce|the energy to generate|it to create} DC electricity. The {produced power can be|power generated can be|energy generated is} {stored in storage batteries|saved in batteries|kept in battery storage} {to|that can|so that it can} be {used with|utilized with|used in conjunction with} DC devices.

{Alternatively, you can|Alternately, you can|You can also} {convert the generated power to|change the power generated to|transform the power you generate into} AC from the {panels or the bank|panels or from the bank|banks or panels}. {It can then|This can|Then, it can} {be used to power|use to run|serve as power for} {many|a variety of|numerous} appliances that only {use|require} AC electricity.

Solar panel installation: five main steps

[xfield_company] will usually {follow five steps to install|adhere to five steps for installing|take five steps to install} solar panels{: an engineering site visit| An engineering site visit| A site visit by an engineer}{, finalizing permits,| finishing permits, preparing| to finalize permits, creating} {documentation, ordering the|documents, ordering the|documentation, ordering} equipment, and {finally approval|then approval|finally , approval} and interconnection.

  • Engineering site visit
  • Documentation and permits
  • {Ordering equipment|Equipment ordering|Making an order for equipment}
  • Solar panel installation
  • Approval and interconnection

Home Energy Audit

{No matter if you’re interested|If you’re interested|Whatever your interest is, whether} in solar energy{ or simply| or just|, or simply} {saving money on your electric|making savings on your electricity|conserving money on your electric} {bills, it’s a smart|bill, it’s a good|bills, it’s an excellent} {idea to ensure that|idea to make sure that|option to make sure} your home is {efficient|energy efficient}. {An|A thorough|A comprehensive} {energy audit of|assessment of the energy efficiency in|Energy audit on} your {home|house} {will reveal any issues|will uncover any problems|can reveal any problems} {that could make your home|that can make your house|which could cause your home to be} less {energy efficient|efficient in energy use}. {You can reduce|It is possible to reduce|You can cut down on} {your home’s energy consumption|the energy use of your home|the amount of energy used by your home} by {addressing these issues|fixing these issues|addressing these problems}. It {may|could|might} be necessary to {switch|change} to {energy-efficient lighting or appliances|appliances or lighting that are energy efficient|energy-efficient appliances or lighting}. {Weatherizing your home might|The weatherization of your home may|A weatherproofing of your home could} {also be required|be a must|be required}.

{It is|It’s} always {a good idea to get|recommended to have|an excellent idea to take} {a general|an} overview of {solar|the solar} panel {installation, no matter|installation, regardless of|installations, regardless of} {what type it may be|the type|what kind of solar panel it is}. Our{ new|} solar panels have {allowed|enabled|helped} us to save {\$2,250 annually|\$2250 per year|\$2250 annually} on {their electricity bills and|electricity costs and|their electric bills.} {they will be able to|they’ll be able to|they’ll be able} {break even in five years|make a profit in the next five years|be profitable in five years}.

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Step by step instructions on how to install solar panels

{It takes time to|There is a long time required to|The process takes time} {install|set up|put in} solar panels. There are steps {that must|to} be {taken before your home|completed before your house|followed before your home} {can use solar electricity|is able to use solar power|can be powered by solar energy}. It {will usually take between|typically takes between|usually takes} one {to|and} three months {from the moment|after|from the time} you sign {your|the} contract. {Then your panels will|After that, your solar panels will|Your panels will then} {be connected to the|connect to|become connected to the} grid{ and produce| and generate|, and will generate} {electricity for|the electricity needed to power|energy for} your home. {Below is a breakdown|Here is a detailed breakdown|Below is a summary} of the {five-step process for|five steps to follow when|five steps involved in} {installing solar panels|installing solar panels|the installation of solar panels}.

1. Visit {to the engineering site|the engineering website|the site of engineering}{: This is the first| The first| This is the initial} step {in getting|to get|to getting} your solar system {installed|set up|up and running.}

{After you have|Once you’ve|After you’ve} signed {your solar contract|the solar contract|your solar agreement} with us, {whether|regardless of whether|no matter if} {it is a loan,|it’s a loan,|it’s a loan or} lease{, or cash purchase,| or cash purchase,| or cash purchase} {an engineer from|our engineer|the engineer of} [xfield_company] will visit your {property to assess|home to evaluate|property to check} the electrical {condition|state|health} of your {home,|house,|home} and {make sure|ensure that|verify that} {everything is compatible|all is in sync|all your electrical equipment is compatible} with {your new solar system|the new solar system|your solar installation}. Our engineer will {work directly for|be working directly with|be directly working for} the installer. {After signing with|Once you have signed with a|After you’ve signed with the} [xfield_company] installer, you can {expect to have|anticipate having|anticipate to have} {the engineer visit the site|an engineer visit your site|the engineer visit the installation}.

The engineer will {inspect|examine|look over} your roof {and make sure|and ensure|to ensure} {it is|it’s|that it’s} {structurally sound|solid and structurally sound|solid in its structure}. The engineer will {inspect|examine|also inspect} {your basement’s electrical panel|the electrical panel in your basement|the electrical panel of your basement}{, which| that| which} {is the gray box that connects|comprises the grey box which connects|will be the box in gray that is connected}{ to|} your roof. This will {help determine|determine|let you know} {if it needs to be|whether it is in need of being|the need to be} upgraded. [xfield_company] installers will {tell you if they think|inform you if they believe|let you know if} {your panel needs to be|that your panel should be|the panel is in need of being} upgraded. {This means your|The|That means that your} {new solar panels will draw|upgraded solar panel will be drawing|newly installed solar panels are able to draw} more {current and|power and|current , and} {your box’s ampere capacity|the capacity of your box’s ampere|the ampere capacity of your box} {will need to be increased|is required to be increased|will have to be increased}.

If your {system is old|computer is old|system isn't up to date} enough, it {may|might|could} {need to be replaced|require replacement}.

{This engineer visit is not|The engineer visit isn’t} {the same as a general|similar to a typical|identical to a standard} site inspection. {It is|It’s} {when|the time when|an occasion when} {a|an|the} [xfield_company] installer assesses your property {to determine system|in order to determine the system’s|for} {size, angle,|dimensions, angles,|dimension, angle} {type|kind} of {roof, shading|roofing, shade|roofstructure, the shading}{,|} and {other factors|many other aspects|other elements}. Before {any contract is signed|signing any contract}. {Typically|In most cases}{, an engineer will visit| engineers will be present| the engineer will inspect}{, but in certain cases| however, in some cases| the property, however in some instances}{, the installer will| the contractor will| the installer may} {take photos of your property|capture photos of your home|photograph your home} and {measure|take measurements of|also measure} the roof. The engineer {will then sign off|will then leave|is then able to sign off} without {visiting|going to visit}.

2. {Documents and permits|Permits and documents}{: The logistical paperwork needed| The paperwork required| The necessary paperwork} {for your solar panel installation|to install your solar panel|to set up your solar panel}

{Installing|The installation of} solar panels {is a big|is a major|can be a significant} financial {decision|investment}. {There is a lot of|There’s a lot of|There’s a lot} paperwork {involved|to be completed}. {Most of the paperwork is|The majority of the paperwork is|A majority of the paperwork will be} {handled|managed|taken care of} {by|through|in the hands of} {the|[xfield_company].|an} [xfield_company] installer. {However, it is|It is, however,|But, it’s} {a good idea to know|recommended to be aware of|important to understand} the {details behind|specifics of|particulars behind} {your|the} solar installation. {You will|You can|It is possible to} {apply for state and federal|be eligible for federal and state|seek federal and state} incentives, {such as|including|like} {the federal|ITC, the Federal|those offered by the federal} ITC {and|as well as|or} local solar {programs|incentives}.

{You will also need|Additionally, you will need|It is also necessary} to {apply for incentives and|apply for incentives as well as|seek incentives and} {fill out paperwork such as|complete paperwork, such as|submit paperwork, like} {building permits, during|permits for construction, prior to|building permits during} {the installation of|installing|construction of} solar panels. {These permits will be|These permits are|The permits you receive will be} specific to {your area|the area you live in|your region}. {Some states, for example|Certain states, like|Some states, like}{, require that solar panels| they require solar panels to| will require that solar panels} {be installed within three|be placed within 3|are installed within three} {feet of the roof|inches of the roofing|feet from the rooftop}. {Other areas in|Some areas of|Others in} the U.S. allow panels to be {placed across|installed across|placed on} the {roof’s entire surface|entire roof}. The {requirements and restrictions|rules and regulations|regulations and requirements} of {each state will be known|every state will be outlined|each state will be identified} {by|to|through} [xfield_company] installers. They {can also help you|will also assist you to|can also assist you} {determine which|identify which|determine what} permits are {required|needed}. We {will complete this paperwork|can complete the paperwork|will also complete this form} for {you|you}.

{This step will take you|The process will take|This process can take} {a while|some time|quite a long time} to complete. [xfield_company] will ensure that the installer {won’t|doesn’t need to|will not} {take long to submit it|be able to complete the application in a short time|have to wait long to submit the form}. {You may be eager|You might be eager|It is likely that you want} to {have your|get your solar} panel {system running as soon|up and running as quickly|system up and running as fast} as {possible|you can}. {Make sure you follow up|Be sure to follow-up|You should follow up} with your installer {so they|to ensure they|so that they} {can keep track|are aware|will be aware} of the {status|progress} of your {paperwork|documents|documentation}.

3. Equipment ordering: {selecting|choosing} the {panels and inverters,|panels and inverters|inverters and panels,} and {scheduling|organizing|planning} your installation

{Once you have all the|After you have all your|When you have all the} {paperwork in order|documents in order|documentation in place}, [xfield_company] installers {can place an order through|can make an order through|are able to place an order with} their {primary distributor|main distributor|distributor of choice}. {You will already have decided|You’ll already know|You’ll have already decided} {what equipment you want in|which equipment you would like to include in|the type of equipment you’d like to incorporate into} your system. {This decision is made before|This is done prior to|The decision is made prior to} the {contract signing that details|signing of the contract that outlines|contract is signed, which outlines} the {total cost|cost total|cost in total}.

Here are some {tips|suggestions|guidelines} to help you {choose|select|pick} the {right|best|appropriate} equipment. {Inverters and solar panels|Solar panels and inverters|The inverters as well as the solar panel} are {the two main|two of the primary|the two primary} {components that you will|elements you’ll|components you’ll} {need to assess|have to evaluate|be evaluating} {for your clean-energy|to determine the best option for your renewable energy|for your green energy} system. [xfield_company] installer will {most likely recommend one|probably recommend one|typically recommend one particular} brand for each{ and may|, and could| and might} {also offer several alternatives|provide a variety of alternatives|offer a range of options}. The {main factors homeowners use|primary factors homeowners consider|most important factors homeowners look for} to {compare brands are|evaluate brands is|determine which brands to choose are} their {durability, efficiency|reliability, durability|longevity, efficiency}{, and aesthetics| and appearance| as well as aesthetics}.

You can {be sure that|ensure that|ensure} you {have the right|have the correct|are using the appropriate} equipment {for your system by researching|to meet your needs by conducting research on|for your system by looking up} microinverters{, string inverters,|, string-inverters,| and string inverters as well as} power optimizers, {and the|as well as the|and} {top-rated solar panels available|most rated solar panels on the market|best solar panels that are rated}. {You can evaluate your|It is possible to evaluate the|You can review your} options {to help you|to|in order to better} {prepare|get ready|plan} {for the ordering and shipping|to order and ship|your order as well as the shipping} {stages|phases|aspects} {of the installation process|in the process of installation|that will be required for installation}.

{After the equipment ordering process|Once the process of ordering equipment|Once the ordering process for equipment} {has been completed|is completed|is complete}{, your| the| after which your} {property will be added to|property will be added to the|property will be added on the} [xfield_company] installer’s list. {The equipment|Equipment|Your equipment} (panels {or|and|as well as} inverters) {you order will arrive|that you have ordered will be delivered|you purchase will arrive} {the day after your paperwork|on the same day that your application|on the same day your application} {has been|is} {approved|accepted}. {This usually happens within|It usually takes|It typically takes between} {one to two|about one or two|1 to 2} weeks. The {number of projects in|amount of projects in|number of projects that are in} the queue {will also affect|can also impact|can affect} the {time it takes|length of time required|amount of time needed} to {install|set up|put in}. {Try to schedule|Make sure to schedule|It is best to plan} {your solar installation for winter|your solar installation to be completed in winter|your solar installation for winter}.

4. Solar installation

{Every solar homeowner who is|Anyone who has a solar home and is|Any solar-powered homeowner} {looking to use|seeking to make use of|interested in using} {renewable energy should be|the renewable power source should get|green energy must be} {excited|enthusiastic|thrilled} about the{ actual|} {installation|installing|setting up} of their Solar Panel from [xfield_company]. {The actual installation day involves|The actual day of installation involves|Installation day is comprised of} {several|many|numerous} steps.

  1. {The|It is the|A} [xfield_company] solar installer will {begin by preparing your|start by preparing your|begin by preparing the} roof{ and attaching the|, and then attaching the| and attaching} tiles or shingles {correctly|properly|in the correct way}.
  2. {They then install electrical wiring|Then, they install electrical wiring|They will then wire} {to connect your panel and|to connect the panel to|for connecting your panel to} the {general power system|power system in general|main power system}.
  3. {Once|After} the electrical wiring {has been|is} completed, the {installers|electricians} will {attach racking|join the racking|connect the rack} {to your roof|onto your roofing|on your roof}.
  4. {After the racking has been|Once the rack has been|After the rack is} {leveled and secured|fixed and leveled|stabilized and level}{, the panels can be| after which the panels are| The panels can then be} {placed|put} {on|onto|in} the rack.
  5. Your inverter(s){, which| that} {convert|transform} {direct current energy|the direct current|directly current power} (DC) into {alternating current energy|AC energy|the energy of alternating current} (AC) {is connected to the|connects to your|are connected to} panels. {This energy can be used|The energy is used|This energy can be utilized} {in your homes or on|at home or on|for your home or} the {electric grid|grid of electricity}.

{Depending|Based} on the {size|dimensions|dimension} and {complexity of your system,|the complexity of your system} the time {it takes|required|needed} to {install the equipment will|set up the equipment can|put the equipment in place will} {vary from one|differ from one|vary from a single} {day to three days|or two days to three|morning to 3 days}. Installing a power {meter to|meter in order to|meters to} {net meter your system|measure your system’s net power|monitor your system’s power consumption} {can also add to|will also increase|could also prolong} the {installation time|time required to install|duration of installation}. Installing a power {meter will|meter may|meters will} {take a little more|require a bit more|take some} time to {complete|finish} {your|the} solar{ panel| panels|} installation.

[xfield_company], top solar {companies, is reputable|firms, is reliable|companies, has a good reputation} and {can go through|is able to complete|is able to go through} the {steps without any problems|process without difficulty|steps with no issues}. {That’s why we make sure|This is why we ensure|We make sure} that {the installers are experienced|our installers are skilled|the installers have experience} and {provide excellent|offer excellent customer|can provide top-quality} service. The {final step of|last step in|final stage of} {solar panel installation|the solar panel’s installation process|installing solar panels} is{ the|} {inspection and final|examination and|review and final} approval. {This can show if your|This will show if the|It will reveal if your} installer has {cut corners|made a mistake|taken shortcuts}.

5. Approval and interconnection

{Flipping|Switching on|The flipping of} {the switch, or|your switch or|off the power, and}{ formally| officially|} {generating power from your rooftop|producing power from your roof|creating power from your rooftop}{, is the final| is the last| is the final} step {in|to} {going|making the switch to} solar. Before {your panels can be|your solar panels are|you can get your panels} {connected to the grid,|hooked up to the grid|linked to grid power,} {a representative of|an official from|a representative from} {your local government must inspect|the local government has to inspect|your local government needs to look over} {them and approve their installation|the panels and then approve of their installation|the installation and give approval}. The representative will {inspect|examine|review} {your installation and give approval|the installation and then give their approval|the installation and approve it}. The representative will {inspect|examine|review} the installation to {ensure|make sure|verify} that {all electrical wiring is correct|the electrical wiring is in order}{, mounting was securely| the mounting was secure| mounted securely} and {safely attached|securely attached|safely secured}{, and that it meets| and that it is in compliance with| and that the installation is compliant with} the {standard for roof|requirements for roof|standards for roofs} and electrical setback {codes|codes}.

{After this|After the|Following this} {inspection, you are|inspection, you’re now|examination, you’re} {ready to go for official|prepared to apply for|in good shape to proceed with official} grid interconnection. [xfield_company] representatives will visit your solar panel {system to conduct|system for|installation to conduct} their final {inspection|examination|check}. {Your|The} {panels will be connected to the|panel will then be linked to|solar panels are connected with the} grid {as soon as|once|when} they {give the OK|approve|grant the approval}. It {will|can|could} take {between two and|two to|about two and} {a month to get the|months to obtain|one month to receive} town approvals {and|as well as} utility approvals{, and then|. Once that is done, the|. After that,} {interconnection can go live|interconnection is ready to go live|the interconnection will be in place}.

What is the cost of solar panels in 2022?

{After taking into consideration|When you take into account|In addition to} the {federal solar tax credit,|federal solar tax credit|tax credit for solar energy in the federal government,} the {cost of|price of|cost for} {installing a solar panel|the installation of a solar system|setting up a solar array} {in|by} 2022 {is \$17,538|will range from \$17,538|ranges from \$17,538 up} to \$203,458. A {single solar panel can|solar panel will|single solar panel could} cost between \$200 {and|to} \$250. {After taking into consideration|When you take into account|In addition to} the federal {solar tax credit|tax credit for solar} (\$27,000.00 {before the|prior to the|before} credit){, a| A| for a} 10 {kW solar panel installation will|kW solar panel installation would|solar panel with a power output of 1.2 kW will} cost {\$20,498|you \$20,498|around \$20,498}. {Solar panel prices|Prices for solar panels|The prices for solar panels} in 2022 {will average|will be|are expected to average} \$2.77/W {on a cost-per-watt|for a cost-per-watt|with a cost per watt} (\$/W).

Solar panels are {an individual|an independent|a distinct} product. {Prices for solar panels can|Prices for solar panels|The cost of solar panels will} {vary depending|differ based|vary based} {on where you live|the location you reside in|on the area you reside in} and {what manufacturer you choose|the manufacturer you select|which manufacturer you pick}. These are the {key|main|major} {factors that affect|elements that influence|factors that impact} solar {installations and solar panel|panels and solar installation|panel installations and} {pricing|prices|price}.

{System size: The larger|Size of the system: The bigger|System size: The bigger} {your solar panel system is|the solar panel system you have|your solar panel system}{, the more expensive| larger, the more costly| bigger, the more expensive} it will {be|cost}. The {average price per unit|cost per unit average|price per unit is the average} for solar drops {with increasing|increases with|will increase with} {system size|the size of the system|size of the system}.

{Location: Prices vary by|Costs vary from state to|Location: Prices differ by} state due to{ both|} local quoting trends{ as well| aswell|, as well} {as system size differences|the differences in size of systems|variations in the size of the system}. States {with a larger system|that have a larger system|that have larger systems} size {will naturally|are likely to|will typically} have lower {average solar costs|solar prices|costs for solar}.

{Brand and quality|Quality and brand|The brand and the quality} {of the panel|for the panels|that the panels are made of}: {Just like|Like|As with} {any other product|any other item|every other product}{, solar panels can come| solar panels are available| solar panels come} {in different qualities|in a variety of qualities|with different quality}.

{Roof characteristics: A|The characteristics of a|Solar characteristics: A} solar panel installation {costs more|will cost more|is more expensive} than {just the equipment|the installation itself|the components}. The {difficulty of installation|complexity of the installation|installation difficulty} {will be charged|will be billed|is a cost borne} by {your|the} solar installer. A {complex roof may|complicated roof can|more complex roof could} {increase the cost of|raise the price of|add cost to} your system.

Labor: {Each solar company|Every solar company|Each solar business} {charges a different labor rate|has a different cost for labor|offers a different rate of labor} {for their work|to complete their job|in their installation}. {It is possible to choose|You can choose|It is possible} to pay more {to get|for|money to obtain} {a company with higher|an organization with better|the company with better} {reviews and a faster|ratings and faster|reviews and a quicker} installation time.

{Permitting and interconnection|Interconnection and permits|The permit and the interconnection}. {While not a significant|Although not a major|While they are not the most important} {factor, the cost of|element, the cost of|aspect, the cost for} permits {and the interconnection fee|and interconnection fees|as well as the interconnection fee} {will increase the total price|can increase the cost|will add to the overall cost} of your solar {installation|system|project}.

The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

A {solar power system can|solar energy system could|solar-powered system can} be {a smart decision|an excellent choice|a wise choice} {for many|due to a variety of|for a variety of} reasons.

Solar {Panels are clean|panels are safe|Panels are eco-friendly}{, renewable and sustainable| green, sustainable and renewable| energy sources, renewable and long-lasting}{, which means it benefits| that is, it helps| and therefore, they are beneficial to} {the environment|the environment}.

{You are also investing|You also invest|Additionally, you are investing} in a {sustainable, renewable|renewable, sustainable} and {affordable energy resource|cost-effective energy source|inexpensive energy source} {that can be commodified|which can be traded|that is able to be traded} to {increase|boost|improve} {economic stability|the stability of your economy|stability in the economy}. You {can sell excess electricity to|can sell excess electricity back to|are able to sell excess electricity to} your grid. {You can earn while ensuring|You earn money while ensuring|Earn money while making sure} that {electricity is always available|power is always on|the electricity you need is always in your}.

Solar Panels {installation is|are} {a viable option to reduce|an option that can help cut down on|an effective option to cut} the {rising cost|cost|price} {of traditional energy sources|for traditional sources of energy|that traditional power sources incur}. {You don’t need to rely|It is not necessary to depend|There is no need to rely} on {electricity from the grid|grid-connected electricity|the grid for electricity,} which {can be costly|is costly|can be expensive}.

Solar panels can be installed now to start saving money

Why {spend the three-month|should you go through the three-month|do you need to go through the three month} {installation process to get|installation process to install|installing process to have} {a solar energy system in|an energy system that is solar in|a solar system for} your home? [xfield_company] estimates that the average solar {shopper|consumer|customer} will {offset approximately|be able to offset|reduce approximately} {95% of their|95percent of their|90% of the} {electricity|energy|power} consumption {by installing solar and|through solar power and|by installing solar panels and} will be {able to pay|capable of paying|in a position to pay} for {their solar system|the solar system|their solar panel} {in less than 8|within less than 8|in less than eight} years. {Use|Utilize|Make use of} {our Solar|the Solar|the solar} Calculator to {find out|determine|discover} {how much you could|the amount you can} save. {Get an instant estimate|Find a quick estimate by} {using offers from|with offers from|of offers in} your{ local|} {area|region}. Register your {property on|property on the} [xfield_company] Marketplace to {get quotes from qualified installers|receive quotes from installers who are qualified|obtain quotes from experienced installers} {in your region|within your area|in your area}.



The main reason why this happens is when you have a grid-tied solar system, it has safety measures preinstalled to shut down production in case of a power outage so as not to do extensive damage to the grid or the employees working on fixing the outage.

If you would like to be less dependent on the grid or ideally have no dependence, then you can add storage batteries to your solar system.
Backup batteries store the excess energy produced by solar for later use (for example, when there is a power outage). You can provide backup for some of your home appliances or all of them by installing more batteries depending on your energy consumption.

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