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Important Factors That Matter To LADWP


When going solar, it’s not just LA Solar Group that’s going to be involved in the installation project. Also included is the City’s Department of Building and Safety and also the Utility company. In this case, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

Before a solar installation can begin on the home, LADWP has to first unlock the meter. This allows us to modify the home’s main electric panel and update it with a solar ready meter and attached the proper breakers to the panel bus. Some homes, may have a main electric panel that is not compatible with the new solar system. Learn more about main panel upgrades here. In such a scenario, it will be required for an Electric Service Representative (ESR) from LADWP to make a visit to the property and determine how a new electric panel (whether an upgrade or downsize) will be allowed and passed per their requirements.

So what is important to an ESR when visiting a home that is switching to solar? Two things:

1) – The safety of the home/homeowner.
2) – The safety of the ESR when working within the vicinity of the electrical panel.

When an ESR visits a home, they are going to require that their workspace is free of any obstacles that interfere with his assignment at the home. This means that his/her work area must be clear of obstructions and trip hazards. Here are some examples:

1. – A water hose pipe under the electric panel that extends beyond 6 inches from the panel is a hazard for the ESR.
2. – A main panel that is near a drive way or parked vehicles.

Other important concerns to an ESR is to have the electrical equipment at a specific distance from other equipment and piping that my propos a risk to the home and to the ESR:

3. – A ground mounted HVAC / heating unit that’s within 3 ft. of the electrical panel.
4. – The gas line and other gas piping that’s within 3 ft. distance.
5. – Roof eaves that extend beyond 30 inches from the wall


Should you have any questions about the LADWP electric requirements please contact your solar consultant or send an email to LADWP at



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