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Can You Upgrade An Existing Solar System?

You’ve always wanted to install solar panels for your home or business to create renewable energy. It’s done exactly what it was designed to accomplish: save the cost of electricity and supply power to your home. Sometimes things change. Maybe your older system isn’t generating enough solar energy or have added new gadgets to reduce its efficiency. Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade to something more robust.

These are all valid motives to update your panel. When the time is right we’ll help you make the right decision. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons with an upgrade to your system. You will be the one who will make the final call.

Why Upgrade an Existing Solar System

A key things to ask when considering the possibility of upgrading an existing solar system is the number of panels you’ll need. This is important because it can affect the design of the system and the overall cost of the solar system project. The amount of panels you require depends on many factors, including the amount of electricity you use and where you live, the equipment you choose, and your overall style. LA Solar Group installers will be able determine the number of panels you require by providing information about your electricity bill.

Why not just purchase new solar panels and stop upgrading?

Upgrades are more affordable than purchasing new equipment. Certain circumstances require a total overhaul. Your current system may not be able to produce any significant output even after a change because older systems might not be in line with the latest standards.

In the event that the device has been operating for longer than 20 years, the system is in operation

A solar system’s warranty expires at the end of 25 years. When the solar system is in existence for more than twenty years, it’s the right the time to upgrade it. There are new technology available, and you might not want to mix them.

The inverters and batteries will not be affected if you mix and match old and new panels. Mix-and-match solar panels create power that is below their power potential.

Consult a professional for advice on the system and determine if it needs an upgrade or overhaul.

Do you need to upgrade your inverter as well?

Yes. It is possible to upgrade an inverter to help convert more energy. The heart of any solar array is its inverter. A new inverter is essential for any increase in solar panels.

The capacity of your system to handle power is determined by the inverter. Consider upgrading your inverter whenever you’d like to boost or decrease the power output.

Because they’re usually put on the outside, they can withstand harsh weather conditions. A shelter with an inverter that is with a high-end model is the best solution for all kinds of problems.

It can take time for panels to experience problems before they impact the system. The entire system may fail in the event that the inverter fails to work.

Types of inverters

What are the challenges you will face when upgrading solar panels?

An older system may have cabling, existing panels inverters or equipment that does not meet the current standards. This is a significant issue when upgrading. The current standards call for earthed panels, systems that use an isolator with no polarization as well as a method to place cables (high-density conduit without cable ties made of plastic).

Consider asking yourself whether you have enough roof space for the installation of solar panels. If your roof system is already constrained, it’s likely that you’ll not be able to install all the panels. But ground mount systems could give you some flexibility. It is possible to install solar panels to other types of structures in case your roof space is a bit limited. They could be carsports, sheds, or gazebos.

The compatibility of the panels is another concern. You won’t have to replace any of the panels unless you’re looking for superior, more effective solar panel. If you are considering upgrading it’s recommended to ask LA Solar Group installers to examine the entire array of solar panels.

After you have decided to proceed it is recommended to install the same kind of panels that were used in the original array to ensure an aesthetic coherence. They should also have the same power outputs as originally installed panels. It is not recommended to install the identical panel to the one you currently have. If that happens, make sure you purchase new panels with the same power output or a comparable one. If not, it could result in damage to your array.

What is the cost to upgrade a solar panel system?

The best method to answer the question is to choose what you would like. It is possible to replace a couple of panels is minimal However, the price to replace the whole system is likely to outweigh the price of a new installation.

Consumer Affairs reports that the cost of a 6kW device in LA Solar Groupis approximately $15,000. The federal tax credit value of $2,250, which is 22 percent by 2021, offsets this cost. The amount you pay depends on your needs and needs, so please contact us for an estimate.

Are there any mistakes to avoid when upgrading?

Although it sounds simple, upgrading the system you have is a complicated process. Before you can achieve the system of your dreams There are numerous calculations and approaches to consider.

LA Solar Group, your reliable solar provider won’t rush to provide you with a simple quote, or promise that they will provide you with a safe haven. Instead, they’ll help you understand these issues:

Avoid Losing your Feed-In Tariffs

It is possible to lose Fee-in Tariffs, also known as FiT, which you have in the old system when you upgrade.

To avoid being left out, ensure you make sure you are aware of the state’s FiT policies and regulations. These policies change frequently. Be sure to check the restrictions on how you can modify your solar system.

Determine if you could earn more money on the current rate. If you are considering upgrading your solar, make sure you consult with your power provider or company.

Find out if your electricity provider allows an increase in the capacity of the power generation.

You might need to think of the additional panels as a whole new system in certain situations. The current tariffs could be maintained, but you’ll need to shell out lots of money for the new installation.

Don’t fall for sales and sales pitches that are too good to be true.

Sales reps use their techniques of marketing psychology to trick clients into signing what appear to be too amazing deals. Anyone who says that upgrading to solar will reduce all your electricity costs is lying to you.

The “No costs for solar installation” programs may not be cost-free and do not provide a warranty. Don’t fall for gimmicks or tempting deals.

Before you upgrade, define your needs

Be realistic about the amount of energy your home requires. A solar kit that is compatible with your home is needed to run a 600-watt fridge.

The system operates with a highest efficiency, which is 80 percent and maximum sunlight hours. There is a vast difference in the daylight hours and daytime hours.

Don’t overdo it. Your body’s limits are not yours.

Certain jurisdictions have limitations on the size of their solar systems. It means you will only produce a specific volume of solar power. LA Solar Group might have the right to decide what capacity they’ll accept from you.

LA Solar Group might charge additional charges to determine the effect of your upgrade on their network. Upgrade to a size that is accepted by your state or power output network operator.

What happens to the existing system that you have already purchased?

Recycle or reuse old panels.

Take a look at your panels and determine whether they’re up to the latest standards. Then, you can either sell them or contact LA Solar Group to ask if they would like them back. They’re still extremely useful for both on-grid and off-grid systems.

If they’re not up to modern standards but you may still use them for construction in your home. They could be utilized to power your farming activities. They can be utilized to power Recreational Electric Vehicle (RVs) and other devices that are not built-in.

Let LA Solar Group Upgrade Your Solar System

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