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To get or not to get a solar battery backup system?

The world is rapidly shifting to clean energy usage, and solar energy popularity is increasing day by day. Today, solar energy is the fastest developing renewable energy source, and the United States is the third-highest solar user in the world.

Solar energy usage helps generate electricity in places with power grid problems and power outages. In case of power failure or when the grid is off, you can access electricity with solar battery backups. In using solar battery backups, you can store solar energy in the battery and use it later. The battery backup is especially useful in areas where the weather is unreliable and unstable. In today’s climate, a solar battery backup system for home is essential.

To understand solar power, we must understand the different systems. So what is the difference between on-grid and off-grid solar energy systems?

In cases of on-grid or grid-tied systems, the energy system is connected to the power grid. In these situations, you always have access to the grid electricity. With an on-grid system, you can send the electricity back to the grid when there is an energy excess and receive compensation. So, you generate electricity when the sun is shining, reducing your electricity bills. When the panels do not produce energy from the sun at night or in bad weather, you buy electricity from the grid.

A disadvantage of this system is that it shuts down during power outages. A grid-tied solar system with battery backup offers protection from outages. So, a grid-tied solar system with battery backup is the best solution.

The off-grid system is completely independent of the power grid. When the sun is shining, you receive energy produced from the panels, and when there is no sun, your home is powered by the extra solar energy stored in the battery. When choosing the off-grid system, be sure it meets all your energy requirements.

Smart technologies make energy usage more efficient and scalable. Going off the grid with modern innovative technologies is much easier than you imagine, and it’s worth it.

A home solar battery backup system is a nice solution to make your life easier and maintain peace of mind. Installing a solar battery backup does not mean your house will fully go solar. You can use the battery backup with some of your electronics, like your refrigerator, freezer, lights, and charging devices. This will help you to stay “online” in case of a grid outage. 

Most home backup battery systems go with the existing solar panel systems, and adding the battery is not technically complicated. It’s important that you understand which battery goes better with your already installed solar panel system to ensure you get the best storage solution. The batteries can be mounted on the wall outside or on the garage walls. They can also be grounded outside. 

The solar backup batteries are not cheap, but they are worth it! Instead of sending the extra energy to the grid, you can store it in a battery and use it at night. Using the stored energy from the solar backup battery usually costs less than buying it from the power grid. Moreover, the price of electricity is increasing year by year.

Solar energy and battery storage solutions have created a renewable energy revolution. If you’re not convinced you need a battery storage solution, that’s okay. You can install solar panels now and add your battery backup system later when it is convenient to you. Thanks to new advancements and technology, solar energy has never been easier or more attainable. It is high time to go solar and gain from it.


Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan



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