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Discovery Cube Los Angeles and Petersonville Healthy Kitchen

The California-based Discovery Cube scientific learning centers include a fundraising and teaching arm called the Discovery Science Foundation near LA Solar Group. The goal of the foundation is to inspire and educate millions of young people by offering engaging exhibitions, activities, and events. The National Medal of Service was awarded to it in 2013 in appreciation for its achievements. The organization launched a second Science Cube in Los Angeles in November 2014.

Discovery Cube Los Angeles

Discovery Cube Los Angeles, which will open this month, will feature an array of interactive science exhibits and learning spaces. These exhibits will ignite the natural curiosity of kids. Guests can also take a virtual helicopter tour of California’s natural resources, and climb a rock wall.

The Discovery Cube Los Angeles in San Fernando California is a fun and educational place to visit for families. Its new interactive exhibit, Cube Studios, features three hands-on studio stations that allow young reporters to report on environmental news. It will be unveiled Friday, April 22, in honor of Earth Day.

Petersonville Healthy Kitchen

Petersonville Healthy Kitchen is a full-fledged demonstration kitchen that focuses on educating visitors about healthy cooking. Kids can also learn about kitchen safety. The exhibit is presented by Sheila and Jim Peterson. Children are able to learn about nutrition, healthy cooking, and the importance of playtime.

The nonprofit organization is a great place to take the family, and not just for the kids. It is a great place for families to get together, bond, and have fun. Families of all ages can take part in family fun days at the Discovery Cube.

Interactive Exhibits

The Discovery Cube is a children’s museum with traveling and permanent exhibits that explore science and technology. Visitors can see animals, learn about climate change, and more through interactive exhibits. While there are plenty of traveling exhibits, the Children’s Museum of Minnesota also features a permanent collection.

There is also a new museum in the area, the Discovery Cube Los Angeles, which opened in November. The new museum is a 71,000-square-foot space devoted to science exhibits, educational programs, and entertainment. It is located at the Hansen Dam Recreation Area in the San Fernando Valley. The exhibits focus on STEM proficiency, healthy living, and environmental stewardship.

The Discovery Cube Los Angeles is a nonprofit organization that educates young minds through the use of science and technology. Their mission is to inspire children and create positive impact in their communities. The organization’s mission is based on four core initiatives: STEM Proficiency, Early Learning, Healthy Living, and Environmental Stewardship. The Discovery Cube LA has expanded its commitment to STEM proficiency by introducing Dora & Diego – Let’s Explore! This new exhibit is a fun and interactive way to introduce science to children.

Traveling Exhibits

Children’s Museum of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, offers two kinds of exhibits: traveling exhibits and permanent exhibits. The traveling exhibits are free and feature the latest technology and science. The museum also features traveling exhibits from other locations. The Children’s Museum of Minnesota is a wonderful destination for families. A great place to also visit is

There are both traveling and permanent exhibitions at the Discovery Cube in Los Angeles. Among the many educational exhibits on offer are a helicopter tour of California’s natural resources, an earthquake simulator, and a grocery store scavenger hunt. Kids can also learn about topics such as climate, earthquakes, and hockey in the interactive exhibits. The museum also offers a climbing rock wall for the kids.

The Discovery Cube LA in Santa Ana is a ten-story solar array cube that towers over Interstate 5. It features more than 100 hands-on science exhibits. The museum is divided into several themed zones, including Science of Hockey, Dino Quest, Quake Zone, and Showcase Gallery. The museum’s staff will also be on hand to answer questions and explain topics to children and teachers.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts at the Discovery Cube are a fun way to explore the museum with your family. The museum features interactive games, traveling exhibitions, and permanent exhibits. Activities include a virtual helicopter tour of California’s natural resources, a rock wall climbing activity, and a journey through the earth’s crust. Kids can learn about earthquakes, geological layers, and the science behind underground water aquifers. They’ll also learn about the mythical Megalodon.

The new Discovery Cube Orange County is more than a science museum; it’s a destination for the whole family. Its four-acre campus has themed science adventures, educational programs, and STEM learning spaces. It can even transform into a 500-seat theater. The museum is constantly changing and adding new exhibits and experiences, making it a great place to visit with family.



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