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Why should you consider going Solar?

Why should you consider going Solar?

Here are {some reasons why|a few reasons|a few good reasons} you should {consider|think about|look into} {going solar|going solar}.

  • Storm Ready – 100% Power Access {if paired to|when paired with a|if connected to} {power|the power|an energy} storage device
  • {Reduce or eliminate your electricity|Eliminate or reduce your electric} bill
  • Earn significant long-term return on investment
  • Stop {rising energy prices in|the rising prices for energy in the|the rise in energy prices in the} future
  • {Increase property values|Property values increase|The value of property will increase}
  • 30% tax credit for qualified expenditures

Other Benefits you should consider

Solar {has many other|offers many additional|can provide many} {benefits beyond its environmental and|advantages that go beyond its environmental and|benefits that go beyond its environmental or} financial {benefits|advantages}. There are {many other|many more|numerous other} {reasons to go solar|benefits to going solar|advantages to using solar}.

{Going solar can help boost|Solar energy can boost|Going solar can benefit} {your local economy|the local economy|the local economy,} {by creating local jobs|by creating jobs locally|through the creation of local jobs}. According to {The|the} Solar Foundation’s {annual|Annual|most recent} Solar Jobs Census report, more than {a quarter of a|quarter of a|quarter} million people {work in|are employed in|are employed by} the solar {industry|sector}. {You’re also helping to|Additionally, you’re helping|It also helps} create {local jobs|jobs locally} {by investing|through investing|when you invest} in solar.

Average Solar Panel Cost

[xfield_company]{,| is| [xfield_company],} {a marketplace provider of|an online marketplace for|market-based provider of} solar panels, {reported|announced|revealed} {that in 2018,|2018 that|it was in 2018} the {average|median} {price for|cost of|cost for} solar {panels in|panel systems in|panels sold in} [xfield_company]{was|is|were} $2.72 {per|for a|each} watt. {According to data from across|Based on data from all over|Based on the data of all across} the {country, a|nation, a|United States, the} {typical|standard|average} U.S. system is 5 {kilowatts|Kilowatts} (5000 {watts|Watts|power units}). {Before rebates and|Prior to rebates and|In the absence of rebates or} incentives, a {5|five} Kilowatt solar {panel system|array|system for solar panels} {in|located in|situated in} Las Vegas would cost $13,600. One reason to {consider|think about} {an array like this|such a system|the possibility of such an array} is {a|the possibility of a|one called a} “power wall”{, which can store| that can hold| which could store} {as much as|up to|more than} 13.500 Kilowatts. {A power wall costs $7,000|The price for a power wall is $7,000|Power wall prices start at $7,000}. {Installation is included in|The installation is part of|Installing is covered in} the {price|cost}. {These costs include installation|The cost of installation is included in the price|This includes installation}. There is a{ 30%|} {tax rebate incentive|reward for tax-free|incentives for tax refunds}.

What factors impact the price of solar panels?

{A lot|There is a lot that|Much} {goes into the price that|is involved in the cost that|goes into the price} {a solar installer will charge|an installer of solar will charge|the solar installer charges} you. Solar {installations are an individual|panels are an individual|panels are a unique} product. The {price|cost} you {pay for them will depend|have to pay for them will be contingent|are paying for them will depend} on {your particular situation and|the specific circumstances of your situation as well as|your specific situation and} other {factors such as|aspects like|elements like} {how much electricity you use|the amount of electricity you consume|the amount of energy you use} and {the property|the size of your property|your property}. These are the {main|major|primary} {factors that will impact|elements that affect|elements that impact} the {price|cost} of solar panels {on|for|that you install on} your property.

  • {System size: The larger|Size of the system: The bigger} {your solar panel system is|the solar panel system you have|your solar panel system}{, the more expensive| larger, the more costly| bigger, the more expensive} it will {be|cost}. The {average price per unit|cost per unit average|price per unit is the average} for solar drops {with increasing|increases with|will increase with} {system size|the size of the system}.
  • {Location: Prices vary by|Costs vary from state to|Prices differ by} state due to{ both|} local quoting trends{ as well| aswell|, as well} {as system size differences|the differences in size of systems|variations in the size of the system}. States {with a larger system|that have a larger system|with larger systems} size {will naturally|are likely to|will typically} have lower {average solar costs|solar prices|costs for solar}.
  • {Brand and quality|Quality and brand|The quality and brand} {of the panel:|that the panels are made of:|for the solar panel} {As with|Like|Just like} {any appliance or product|any other appliance or product|every appliance or item}{, solar panels can come| solar panels are available| solar panels come} {in different qualities|with different characteristics|in a variety of qualities}. {This can depend|It is based|It all depends} on the {brand|manufacturer|model and the brand}.
  • {Type of panel: This|The type of panel you choose|The kind of panel used} directly {affects|impacts} the quality of {your|the} installation. {It is usually|It’s usually|It’s typically} monocrystalline{, polycrystalline or| or polycrystalline, but also| or polycrystalline. It can also be} thin-film. {High quality equals higher prices|Quality equals more expensive prices|The higher the quality, the more expensive}.
  • {Roof characteristics: A|The characteristics of a|Solar characteristics: A} solar panel installation {costs more|will cost more|is more expensive} than {just the equipment|the installation itself}. The {difficulty of installation|complexity of the installation|installation difficulty} {will be charged|will be billed|is a cost borne} by {your|the} solar installer. A {complex roof may|complicated roof can|more complex roof could} {increase the cost of|raise the price of|add cost to} your system.
  • Labor: {Each solar company|Every solar company|Each solar business} {charges a different labor rate|has a different cost for labor|offers a different rate of labor} {for their work|to complete their job|in their installation}. {It is possible to|You can|You may} {choose to pay more to|opt to pay more for|decide to pay more money to} {get a company with higher|find a solar company that has better|select a firm with better} {reviews and a faster|ratings and faster|reviews and a quicker} installation time.
  • {Permitting and interconnection|Interconnection and permits|The permit and the interconnection}. {While not a significant|Although not a major|While they are not the most important} {factor, the cost of|element, the cost of|aspect, the cost for} permits {and the interconnection fee|and interconnection fees|as well as the interconnection fee} {will increase the total price|can increase the cost|will add to the overall cost} of your solar {installation|system|project}.
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Net Metering

Net energy metering {is a high|is an|can be described as a high} electricity program {wherein|in which|that requires} your electric {company is required|provider is required|company has} to purchase{ excess|| the excess} solar energy {produced|generated} by {your solar panels at filled|your solar panels at full|solar panels at a set} {electricity rates|electricity prices|electric rates}.

{When your solar energy|If your solar|When your solar power} system {produces|generates} more {power than your|power than the|energy than your} home {uses, it sends|requires, it will send|needs, it transmits} {the excess|the extra|surplus} {electricity|power|energy} {to the|into the|back to} grid. {Your utility then pays|The utility pays|The utility then reimburses} you for {it|the excess power}. {Rooftop solar panels are|Solar panels on rooftops are|The rooftop solar panel is} {a great|an excellent|a fantastic} {way of saving money by|method of saving money|option to save money} {using|making use of} net {metering|meters}. The {best places|most suitable places|best locations} to {install solar are not|set up solar panels aren’t|put solar panels up are not} {the ones that receive the|those that get the|the ones that receive} most sunlight. {It’s the states with|The states that have|The states with} the {best net-metering policies|most effective net-metering policy|highest net-metering standards}.

[xfield_company] offers net {metering|meters}. {This is an important factor|This is a crucial factor|It is a key element} in the {economics of solar|financials of solar|solar market’s economics} and its {profitability|financial viability|economic viability}. Net metering is {an important|a significant|an essential} {benefit for homeowners who have|benefit for homeowners with|advantage for homeowners who own} {a|an|an installed} solar system. {This will allow|It allows|This allows} homeowners to {receive|get|earn} {credit on their electricity bills|credits on their electricity bills|credits on their electricity bill}{, as they send| when they transmit| by sending} {their solar energy back to|the solar energy back to|their solar energy back} them.

Solar Panel Sizing

{Calculating how many kilowatts you|Knowing how many Kilowatts you|The calculation of how many kilowatts} {will need and the best|require and the ideal|will require and the most suitable} {system size|size of system|size system size} for your {home is essential|home is crucial|house is vital}. [xfield_company] will give you {information|details|data} {on your power consumption for|about your energy consumption over|on the power usage you have used over} the {past|last} {12|twelve} months. If {you plan|you are planning|you’re planning} to {purchase an electric car|buy an electric vehicle|buy an electric car}{, it is important| it is essential| it is crucial} that your system {can|is able to} {handle the greater energy demands|cope with the higher energy demands|take on the increased energy demands}.

Save big with solar rebates and incentives

When {it comes to solar installations|it comes to solar installation|you think about solar installations}{, the most important factors| the most crucial factors| the most important considerations} {are often the long-term return|are usually the long-term returns|tend to be the long-term ROI} of {investment and savings|savings and investment}. {These numbers can be staggering|These numbers can be astonishing|The numbers are often staggering}. Solar panels are {an affordable|a low-cost|a cost-effective} investment. Solar panels are {one of|among} the {best|most profitable} {investments|investment options}. They {offer returns comparable|provide returns that are comparable|can yield returns similar} to traditional investments {like|such as} {stocks and bonds|bonds and stocks}. {An average|A typical} American homeowner {can pay off|will be able to pay off|can pay for} solar panels {in 7 to|between 7 and|within 7 to} 8{, and receive| days and earn| years and get} {a 20% return|an average of 20%|20 percent return} {on their investment|for their money|from their investments}. {Research shows that property values|Research has shown that the value of property|Studies show that property values} {can increase by as much|could increase as high|can rise as much} as 20{%| percent}.

Generator {vs|Vs}. Solar

A {home|house|residence} {in|located in} [xfield_company]{measuring|that is|with a total area of} {6,000 square feet has|6000 square feet comes with|6000 square feet will have} {an average monthly electric bill of \$500|the average electric bills for a month of \$500|electricity bills that average \$500 per month}. {500 dollars per month|$500 per month is the cost|A monthly bill of 500 dollars is} for a {home|house|residence} {in|located in} [xfield_company]{measuring 6,000 sq|that is 6,000 square feet|with a total area of 6,000 sq}. It {would need|will require|would require} {a 36 Kw BU power|an BU power 36 Kw} generator{ unit costing $30,000| that costs $30,000|, which costs $30,000,} to {keep the house functional|ensure the house is functional|maintain the home} {in the event of|even in case of|should there be} {an|a power} {outage|interruption}. {There would also be 10-years|Also, there would be 10 years|Additionally, there would be a 10-year period} of operating {expenses totaling|costs totalling|expenses that total} $6,000. The {generator’s cost would come|cost of the generator would amount|total cost for the generator would be} {to|at} $42,448.25{, which includes| that includes| including} {financing costs and operating expenses|the cost of financing and operating costs|operating and financing costs as well as}. {If you finance the generator|When you loan the generator|In the event that you lease the unit} {over a 10-year period|for a period of 10 years|over a 10 year period}{, the interest rate is| with an interest rate of| and the interest rate is} {4%, the cost|4percent, and the total cost|4.4%, so the price} {would be|will be|is} $42,448.25. {You would also have|Additionally, you would have|In addition, you will need} to {spend approximately $60,000 on|pay approximately $60,000 for|spend around $60,000 on} {electricity over the same time|electricity during the same|electric power over the same} period. {This would mean that|That means|This means that} {you would spend|you’d pay|you’d spend} $10,244.83 {annually|per year|each year}. A {25Kw solar system|solar array of 25KW|25Kw solar panel} {can make the house completely|could make your home completely|can turn your house} energy-independent. Four {power storage walls|storage walls for power|walls of power storage} {make it possible|allow it|enable it} to {be power independent|remain power-free|remain powered} {in the event of|even in case of|during} {an outage|a power outage|power failure}. {$68,000 is the cost of|The cost is $68,000 for|It costs $68,000 to install} {a 25Kw system|25kW systems|the 25kw system}. A 25Kw {system costs $68,000|system will cost you $68,000|power system is priced at $68,000}. {Add $7,000 for|Add $7,000 to|You can add $7,000 for} four {power storage walls|walls of power storage|walls for power storage}. The total cost {would be|is} $96,000. After {adding the 30% tax|including the tax credit of 30%|including the 30% tax} credit, the {total cost|total price|cost} {of the solar panel system|for the solar system|to install the solar panels} {would be|is|will be} \$67,200. If you finance {the solar system|the solar panel|your solar system} {with rebates over a 10-year|by utilizing rebates over a 10-year|through rebates over a 10 year} period{ at|, at| with} {a 4% interest rate|an interest rate of 4|the rate of 4}{, it would cost| that would be| the total cost would be} \$81,644.08. {The annual cost of the solar system|Annually, the cost for the system|For the year, your solar cost} {would be|is|will be} \$8,164.44. {Going solar would lead to|Solar power could result in|Going solar could lead to} \$2,080.90 {per year savings which|annually in savings that|per year in savings, which} {could be used|can be utilized|may be put to use} to {finance|fund|pay for} the system. {This could be paid off|The system could be fully paid|This can be paid back} {in 8 years|over the course of 8 years|in just 8 years}.



The main reason why this happens is when you have a grid-tied solar system, it has safety measures preinstalled to shut down production in case of a power outage so as not to do extensive damage to the grid or the employees working on fixing the outage.

If you would like to be less dependent on the grid or ideally have no dependence, then you can add storage batteries to your solar system.
Backup batteries store the excess energy produced by solar for later use (for example, when there is a power outage). You can provide backup for some of your home appliances or all of them by installing more batteries depending on your energy consumption.

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