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Q cells q peak duo g5

Q cells q peak duo g5

The Q. The {new|latest|brand new} Q.ANTUM DUO technology {allows for|provides|is able to provide} {exceptional performance on a very|extraordinary performance in a|outstanding performance even on a} {small area|tiny area|small amount of}. {This is|It is|The model is called} {the|Q.ANTUM DUO, the|an example of the} PEAK DUO G5 {solar module|solar panel|module for solar power} {by Q CELLS|manufactured by Q Cells|from Q Cells}. Q. {ANTUM|Quantum|Antum}

The {world-record|world’s record|world’s best-known} cell design {has been combined|has been paired|is complemented} {with half cells|by half-cells|with half cell technology}, {state-of-the-art|the latest|cutting-edge} circuitry{ and a six-busbar design|, and a six-busbar design| and a six-busbar layout}. This combination {achieves|delivers|is able to deliver} {outstanding performance in real|amazing performance under real-world|remarkable performance under actual} conditions, {both under|including|both in} {low-intensity solar radiation and during|sunlight with low intensity and on|the sun’s low-intensity radiation as well as during} {hot, clear summer days|the summer heat and clear, hot days|sunny, hot summer days}.

[xfield_company] Q Cells is {one of|among} the {most prominent|most well-known|top} {manufacturers in the solar industry|producers in the solar industry|solar panel manufacturers}. {They are a company that|The company|It is a company that} {has a large production area|has a huge production area|is a major producer} {in high-quality|of high-quality|in premium} solar panels. {The|Q Peak Duo G5 Module|Its} Q Peak Duo G5 Module is {one of|among} the most {intriguing|interesting|fascinating} Q {Cells products|Cells ‘ products|Cells’s products}.

The {innovative|revolutionary|ingenuous} {Q|technology of Q|design of the Q}. ANTUM technology was the reason {this product won|why this product was awarded|for this product to win} the Intersolar Award 2018, Photovoltaics Category.

{This product has many|The new version has many|This version comes with a lot} {more benefits than the|advantages over|advantages over the} {previous versions,|earlier versions|prior versions,} in terms of {performance, design and|design, performance and|performance, design , and} {standards|standardization|the standards}. Let’s {look at|take a look at|examine} some of {these amazing features|the amazing features|the features that are amazing}.

What are Q cells?

[xfield_company] is a representative of their technology {around|across|throughout} the {globe|world}. They {have high standards|are a leader|meet the highest standards} {in R&D testing|in testing R&D|for R&D testing}{,| and| as well as} {efficiency|effectiveness|efficacy} (up to 19.9{%| percent}!) and manufacturing {capability|capabilities}.

{This technology is based upon|The technology is based on|This technology is based on} the {concept|idea} {of|that} PERC cells (rear contact {in the cell|within the cell)|within the cell} {that permit the|which allow|which permit} reflection of {photons and increase|light and increases|light particles and boost} {energy output, but|the energy output, however they|the output of energy, but they} {also greatly reduce system performance|also significantly reduces system performance|it also drastically reduces the performance of the system}{, optimizes production, and| improves production and| as well as optimizes production. It also} {redefines structure|changes the structure|transforms the design} {of the modules|for the module|that the components}. It {takes|elevates|brings} PERC {tech up|technology} to a{ whole|| completely} new level.

Six Busbar Technology

{Photons that hit|The photons that strike|Photons that strike} the solar {panels’ surface|panel’s surface|panels’ surfaces} {activate or release electron flow|trigger or release electron flow|cause electron flow to be released or activated}.

To {reach the busbars,|get to the busbars|reach the busbars} {which act|which serve|that act} as electron highways{, these|, the|} {electric charges must pass|electrons must travel|electrons have to pass} {through a thick layer|over a good layer|across a thick coating}{ of|} phosphorus. {Many electrons are unable to|A lot of electrons cannot|Many electrons are not able to} {reach the busbars due to|get to the busbars due|reach the busbars because of} {lack of kinetic energy|the lack of kinetic energy,|insufficient kinetic energy} and {so|thus|therefore} {get|are|become} lost. This is {usually represented by|typically represented by|typically represented with} {a series resist|the series resistor|an inverse resistor}.

{This solar panel has|This solar panel comes with|The solar panel is equipped with} {a unique feature|an unique characteristic|one of a kind feature}{: instead of| that instead of| it does not have} {2 or 4|two or four} busbars (conductors {through the electrons|that allow electrons to|which allow electrons to} flow {to|into} the output){, it is equipped| It is fitted| it comes} {with six|by six|with 6} busbars.

The {greatest advantage to|most significant benefit of|main benefit of} {increasing|growing|expanding} {the number of busbars|busesbars’ number|the amount of busesbars available} is {the reduction|the decrease|a reduction} {in distance between them|of distances between them|in the distance they travel between}{, which|. This} {results in a lower|leads to a decrease in|result in a lower} {series resistance|resistance to series|resistance in series,} {as well as reducing|and also reducing|as well as lessening} {electron congestion|the amount of electrons that are pushed|the congestion of electrons} {through|in|between} the busbars.

This{ means that there|} is {3% more|an increase of 3% in} {nominal power output|theoretical power produced|actual power production} than {traditional|conventional|the traditional} {technologies|technology}.

Q Peak Duo Half Cells Technology

{The|It is the|This} Q Peak Duo model also {has a unique feature:|features a unique feature:|is unique in that} {the cells are cut in|The cells can be cut into|cutting the cell in} half {with|using|by} laser technology.

The current {can be reduced|can be decreased|could be cut} {by cutting cells in|through cutting down cells to|when cells are cut in} half. This {reduces heat in cells|decreases the amount of heat that cells produce|helps to reduce the heat inside cells} and {reduces losses due to|decreases the loss due to|also reduces losses caused by} thermal {factors|effects|elements} (generally {due to higher temperature|because of higher temperatures|due to higher temperatures} and {less|lower|lesser} {air circulation|circulated air|oxygen circulation}).

{Furthermore, resistive losses are|Additionally, the losses from resistive is|In addition, losses due to resistivity are} {reduced|decreased|diminished} {because current values are lower|due to the fact that current values are lower|because current values are less}. {Therefore,|Thus, the|This means that} production {has increased by 3 percent|has increased by 3 percent}.

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Q Peak Duo & Parallel Connection

{The majority of solar panels|Most solar panel|A majority of solar panels} {include|have|contain} {3 bypass diodes|diodes with 3 bypass|diodes that have 3 bypasses}.

{These devices permit|These devices allow|They allow} {current to flow from|the flow of current from|current to flow between} modules {on|that are on|connected to} the same {string in case|string in the event|line in the case} of shading{ without creating hotspots|, without generating hotspots|. This does not result in hotspots}.

One bypass diode {is|occurs|happens} {when a sub-module,|the case when a sub-module,|an instance of a sub-module} or a {section|portion|part} of the panel{, stops|, ceases| stops} producing electricity. Only {2/3 of the panel generates|two thirds of the panel produces|2/3 of the panel is able to generate} electricity.

If the shaded {area grows|area expands|region expands} to {the entire lower portion|cover the entire lower part|cover the entire lower section} of the module{, all bypass diodes will| the bypass diodes will| then all bypass diodes} {act|be activated|perform} (even {if it|when it|even if the shade} {covers less than|is less than|does not exceed} 30{%| percent}). The module will {stop|cease} {producing until the|making output until|production until it is clear that the} shade {has been|is} removed. This is a {huge problem|major issue|serious issue} {as it can cause significant|because it could cause huge|since it could result in significant} {losses|loss}.

This {problem is solved by|issue is resolved by|issue can be solved with} {the|using the|this model, the} Q Peak Duo model, {which connects two modules in|that connects two modules in|which connects two modules} parallel.

{Also, even|Additionally, even|Even} {if the shade covers|when the shade is covering|in the event that the shade covers} the lower {portion|part|half} {of the panel|on the screen|of the panels}, {it will still|it will|it’ll still} produce!

Leading Industry Warranty

[xfield_company] manufacturers offer {warranties that their modules|guarantees that their solar panels|guarantees that their modules} {will not lose|won’t lose|will not suffer a loss of} {more than 80%|greater than 80 percent|over 80%}{ in| of their|} {power output over 25|power output over the course of 25|output power over the span of 25} years.

{This is the standard warranty|It is the norm for warranties|The standard guarantee is offered} {for|offered by|that comes with} {most|the majority of|all} {technologies|technology}. {This aspect is also innovative|This feature is unique|It is also a feature} {in|with|for} {the|Q Peak Duo.} Q Peak Duo, which {offers a warranty|provides a guarantee|comes with a warranty} of {85% nominal power output|85percent nominal power output|an output of 85% of the nominal power} {after 25 years of service|after 25 years of use|for 25 years after the date of purchase}.

This {results in|gives|is a result of} {a maximum annual degradation factor|the highest annual degradation rate|an annual maximum degradation factor} of 0.544{%| percent}.

Round Shape Conductors

Another {innovation is the shape|interesting innovation is the design|innovative feature is the shape} of conductors. {Flat ribbons are|Ribbons that are flat are|The flat ribbons} {used to transport electricity in|utilized to transfer electricity within|utilized to carry electricity through} {typical|conventional|ordinary} solar panels. {This creates shading from|They create shading on|This causes shading of} the cell’s ribbons{ and decreases|, and reduces|. This reduces} the amount of {photons|light|light that is} {absorbed|that are absorbed|absorption}.

Q {cells|cell|Cells} q.peak Duo Cell Modules are{, in comparison, designed| constructed| made} {with a round-shaped six busbar|with a round-shaped six-busbar|using a rounded six-busbar} design{ which dramatically reduces| that dramatically reduces the|, which drastically reduces} {shading of the silicon layer|shade of silicon|shades of the silicon layer}.

This technology {maximizes|increases|boosts} production{ and adds| and provides|, and also adds} 2.5{% energy to each| percent energy per| percent of energy to each} cell{ compared with traditional|, compared to traditional| when compared with conventional} technology.

Additional Features

The {lifespan|life span|longevity} and production of{ traditional|| conventional} solar panel {modules is also|panels is|modules are also} {affected by other factors|dependent on other elements|affected by other variables}.

{Potential|Potentially} {induced degradation|degradation induced by|degradation induced} (PID){, for instance| For instance| such as}{, is an undesirable| is a negative| is an unfavorable} {consequence of the presence|result|consequence of} {of leakage currents on high-voltage|in leakage currents that are present on high voltage|the leakage currents in high-voltage} strings{ with elevated| that have high|, which have elevated} {humidity levels and temperatures|humidity and temperatures|temperature and humidity}.

Q Peak Duo tech is more resistant to this effect{,|} and {can even withstand|is able to withstand|even stand up to} installations {up|of up|that go up} {to 1500 VDC|at 1500VDC|1500 VDC}!

LID {can also|could also|is also able to} {play a role|be a factor|help} in reducing {power|the power} output. [xfield_company] Q Cells is {one of|among the|among the very} few companies {to have studied|that have researched|to have investigated} {this issue and created|the issue and developed|this issue and designed} an Anti-LID {technology|system}.

Benefits of your Q.Peak duo g5 Solar Panel

  • {STATE OF THE ART MODULE|MODULE STATE OF THE ART|MODULE OF THE FUTURE} {TECHNOLOGY|Technology|technology} Q. ANTUM DUO – Q.ANTUM DUO combines cutting edge cell separation {and innovative|and cutting-edge|with innovative} wiring {with|using|technology with} Q.ANTUM Technology.
  • Q. ANTUMTECHNOLOGY: INVESTMENT PAYBACK TIME{ – Higher| – More|: Higher} yield per {area|square meter}{, lower BOS cost| and lower BOS costs| Lower BOS cost}{, higher power classes| as well as higher power classes,| Higher power classes,} and efficiency {up to|as high as|of up to} 19.9{%| percent}
  • {INNOVATIVE ALLWEAR TECHNOLOGY -|Innovative All-Wing Technology -|INNOVATIVE ALLWEAR TECHNOLOGY FOR} {Optimal yields, whatever|Maximum yields, regardless of|optimal yields, no matter} the {weather with excellent|conditions, with exceptional|weather , and with superb} low-light and temperature {behavior|performance|control}.
  • EXTREME WEATHER RATE {- High-tech aluminum alloy frame|Aluminum alloy frame with high-tech features|High-tech aluminum alloy frame}{, certified for high snow| that is certified for high snow| approved for snow loads of high} (5400 Pa) and wind loads (4000 Pa) {regarding|in accordance with|for} IEC.
  • {PARTICULARLY HIGH PERFORMANCE -Long-term|Particularly high-performance – Long-term|Particularly high performance -Long-term} yield security {with|using|through} {Anti|the latest Anti|anti} LID {and Anti|as well as Anti|and} PID Technology, Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q
  • {RELIABLE INVESTMENT – Inclusive|Reliable investment – Includes|AFFORDABLE INVESTMENT – Includes} {12-year product warranty and|12 year product warranty and a|twelve-year warranty on the product and a} 25-year {linear performance guarantee|guarantee on linear performance}.

Q cells q.peak duo g5

These solar {modules are a true|panels are a real|modules are an absolute} {gem in the solar industry|jewel in the solar industry|shining star in the solar market} {because of the innovation|due to the ingenuity|because of the creativity}{, creativity, and development| and creativity| of the design, development, and creativity} {involved|that are involved|of the}.

{They are not only|They’re not just} more efficient than{ conventional|| traditional} monocrystalline solar cells{ technology||,} and {look better|appear better|look more attractive}{, but| however,| and look better, but} they {also address the|address|are also able to address} {issues|challenges|problems} of the {solar panel manufacturing industry today|manufacturing of solar panels today|manufacturing of solar panels in the present} and {offer|provide|have} {a unique module that addresses|an innovative module that solves|an exclusive module that tackles} {all these problems|the issues mentioned above|every issue}.

Are you {interested in|looking to go|considering} solar? {Visit our website below|Go to our website here|Check out our website} to {access our smart solar|access our solar smart|get access to our smart solar} calculator. It will {show you|tell you|let you know} how much solar {you could|energy you can|power you can} {save, which|save, the|reduce your costs, what} rebates you {may|might|could} be {eligible for, as well|entitled to, as well|eligible for, as} {as the environmental impact|as the impact on the environment|in the impact on the environment}.

{Do not wait for|Don’t wait until the|Do not put off the} next quarter’s {high-priced bill|pricey bill|bill to be high}. Get started now! {Visit|Check out} our website to {find out|learn|discover} {how you can save|ways to save money|the ways you can save} on {solar|your solar} energy. Contact [xfield_company] today.



The main reason why this happens is when you have a grid-tied solar system, it has safety measures preinstalled to shut down production in case of a power outage so as not to do extensive damage to the grid or the employees working on fixing the outage.

If you would like to be less dependent on the grid or ideally have no dependence, then you can add storage batteries to your solar system.
Backup batteries store the excess energy produced by solar for later use (for example, when there is a power outage). You can provide backup for some of your home appliances or all of them by installing more batteries depending on your energy consumption.

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