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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Solar Panel Installation?


Are you interested in the solar panel installation process? Good for you! This article is a solar panel installation guide that will reveal a few facts about the solar panel system you probably don’t know. 

Fact № 1: Cost

Is it true that solar panel installation cost is very high? The total price depends on several reasons, such as the required wattage for your house loads, the solar energy generation capacity based on your house location, the variety of devices involved in solar panel kits, and others. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that the initial cost of solar panel installation in California or any other region is the only significant expense you will have to make when going solar. Once the solar panel installation process is over, you will be pleasantly surprised with the comfort, reliability and free-of-charge maintenance it provides. This innovative solution also covers the initial expenses with future Return on Investments (ROI)


To estimate your future ROI, you should first inquire about your home solar panel installation’s estimated expenses. You should apply to several solar panel installation companies in your region before choosing one of them for a better result. Once you have that only estimated cost from the company, divide the estimated solar panel cost by the local utility company’s electricity cost. The numbers you get must be divided by your annual electricity usage in kilowatt-hours. 

The price of a solar panel itself differs slightly based on the device’s region and wattage capacity. Let us speak numbers! A standard solar panel in California can cost somewhat $3.03/W. For a 5k/W solar system size, the approximate price will be about $15.150, plus 26 percent of Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and other local incentives provided to the solar system consumers. 

Fact №2: Installation

Is a solar panel installation complicated? Another myth about solar panels is the system installation. It may seem to be a complicated process that should be entrusted only to professionals from the first sight. In parallel with the growing demand for solar system consumption, the number of solar panel installation companies is expanding. The professionals provide high-level service delivery of solar system installation. However, this does not mean that an ordinary citizen can not organize and implement his home solar system installation without any professional interference. There are many tutorials, as well as guidelines for you to research on the internet. To this, you can add the user manual and wiring diagram provided by the company. Another essential aspect of the self-service installation is your insurance: make sure to take all necessary measurements not to fall off the roof and not be stricken by electricity during installation. Put on some rubber boots before getting on the roof and turn off the house electricity before working with wire connections. 


The solar panel installation direction is also essential. This issue is not under doubt for a qualified specialist, whereas an amateur may not know this nuance. Hence, the best sunlight absorption and solar power generation solar panels should face south in the northern hemisphere, while they should face north in the southern hemisphere. 

And remember, if you undertake the installation of your house solar system, it will somewhat reduce your solar panel installation cost. 

Fact № 3: Roof

Is residential roof quality necessary for solar panel installation? Yes, it is. The guarantee of a durable solar system is first the stable roof. The water heating system is very frequently installed on the rooftop as well. Despite all the solar companies’ maintenance guarantees, the durability of your solar system much depends on your roof itself. If the roof requires renovation or replacement, it can not be mounted with a solar panel array. Modern markets provide a big assortment of roofing materials. Examples include asphalt roofing, wood roofing, aluminum roofing, tile roofing, and others. 

Let’s talk about the last one. As tile is one of the most widely spread materials for residential roofing, solar panel installation on tile roof is a common issue. It may seem to be impossible to install a solar system on a tile roof, but no. It is possible, although it requires a different approach. For instance, the tiles must be removed from the area where solar panels are to be installed. Stainless steel brackets are screwed on their place, after which the tiles are returned to their former place. The railing system is then mounted on these brackets, leaving a free space between solar panels and tiles for air circulation. Panels, brackets and other materials for roof installation weigh about 22kg per square meter. This is another proof that the roof and its basement should be reliable and firm. 


Fact № 4: Maintenance

Does solar panel require much attention for proper maintenance? No, it doesn’t. Once your house solar system is set up to provide you with daily power, there is almost nothing to worry about. Modern solar panels come with a 25-year warranty but usually function beyond the mentioned time. Some models of solar panels also have a self-cleaning surface. The only few points that require your attention are as follows:

  • No parts are deteriorated or damaged
  • There are no defects on switches 
  • Vents are free of debris 
  • Solar panels are clean

Fact № 5: Emission

Are solar panels harmful? Solar panels do emit EMF radiation. However, the amount of this emission is insignificantly small and likely, not dangerous. It is even as dangerous to live near a solar farm as it is dangerous to live anywhere else.


Author of the article: Helen Kocharyan





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