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How Much Do You Know About Solar Panel Benefits?


Solar energy is inexhaustible, renewable, and ubiquitous. For sure, these are the principle and all-win benefits of solar. Yet, solar panel usage highlights other essential and vigorous benefits. 

Solar panel energy has advantages both for a house, a business, and a municipal building. You can utilize the energy and electricity produced by a solar panel system for different purposes. Plus, it can even increase your house value. The price of a property with solar panels is always higher in the market.

Solar panel maintenance and production costs are not high. The main charge is the solar panel installation cost and the equipment. Hence, there are almost no additional costs associated with installing a solar panel system. Regarding the recent technological developments in solar panels system and the solar energy industry, the price of solar components is as well dropping. 

And so, solar panel installation has many benefits, and the environmental impact is one of them. 

Impact On The Environment

The environmental benefits of going solar are worth it. Solar panel power has the least negative footprint on our planet in comparison to other sources of energy. Solar energy is clean and pure energy from the sun. It improves public health and saves the lives of people, especially in areas with a high population. According to studies, more vulnerable and low-income people live in regions where power plants exist. So, solar energy also minimizes inequalities.


Today, global climate change is another immediate problem for our planet. Solar energy is environmentally friendly. It reduces our independence from fossil fuels and natural gas. Besides, solar energy decreases the effect of greenhouse gases and air pollution. And solar power usage will help us fight climate change. 

Unlike many other renewable energy sources, the solar panel system is noise pollution-free. Therefore, solar panel installations are popular in urban areas. Moreover, during energy production, solar energy needs little to almost no water.  

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Solar systems help you reduce or eliminate your energy bills. On warm days, in case you consume more energy than produced, you can send the excess electricity back to the grid to your utility company and earn money from net metering. 

Although in cloudy weather, there are fewer hours of sunlight per day, your solar panel system will still produce enough solar energy to provide you with electricity and heat. Thus, solar panel energy is applicable everywhere, especially in regions where there is no access to other energy sources, even electricity.


Moreover, home solar panel kits can help you control your energy consumption bills if you are not going to power your entire home or if you are powering an area that has no electricity lines. Running a new line is costly. Solar panel kits can be likewise useful when no immense electricity load is required.

Solar energy can help you save money during peak hours. In the hours when the electricity prices are high, solar energy production and solar panel efficiency reach their maximum potential. So, this factor is also going to help you reduce your electricity bills. As we know, solar panel efficiency is a metric showing how much energy the solar panel produces (usually turning from 15 to 23% of sunlight into electrical power). Solar panel efficiency calculation is simple, and a professional company will ensure to provide you with the best system for your energy needs.  

Improved Security Of The Power Grid

Power grid security is a mattering advantage when going solar. Solar panel energy usage will improve the efficiency of the power grid if blackouts and voltage dips happen. Individual solar energy generating centers are guarantee to security of the grid system against electricity overloads, fires, and other disasters.

Earn Tax Credits And Rebates

Solar is a secure investment. There are many energy incentives offered by the government of the United States, depending on your tax status. And it is both marvelous and profitable. The Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) is one of the best financial incentives for solar in the United States. With Federal Income Tax Credit, you are going to get part of your total system costs back, including equipment and installation. The main requirement for investment tax credit eligibility is owning the solar energy system and not leasing it. The ITC is currently 26%. In 2021 it will drop to 22%. The program will utterly expire on December 31, 2021. So, it is the right time to switch to solar.


Depending on your state, there are additional tax incentives when installing a solar panel system, like property tax exemption, cashback, and expedited permits. It is possible to receive a cash rebate from your state or utility company. You can also receive a return on your initial investment selling Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) to your utility company. 


Plan to install a solar panel system? Do some research with the best solar panel installation companies to make your final decision. LA Solar Group specialists will guide you with their professional advice, give detailed information on solar incentives, and choose the most efficient solar panel system for your home or business.

Go solar with the best solar panel company and enjoy your solar panel benefits.


Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan



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