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The Next Generation Solar Panel: A Must Have


Sunpower (NASDAQ: SPWR), the world’s most advanced solar manufacturer and sustainable energy company, has just launched their latest residential solar PV module system called the SunPower Equinox™ system delivering unbeatable performance, highest efficiently rating and most attractive design with minimal architectural and equipment aesthetic at the system level. With Sunpower’s maximum value in the solar market, there is no question that the future of solar is in the hands of our partner. As an authorized dealer with Sunpower, we’re dedicated to provide the latest and most cutting edge solar energy products on the market.


“The SunPower Equinox system is a game changer for home solar,” said Howard Wenger, SunPower president, business units. “This powerfully elegant solution produces 70 percent more energy with 70 percent fewer visible parts compared to conventional solar, and we’re backing it by the best combined power and product warranty in the industry.”

5 Reasons why going with the Equinox system is the smart choice:

  • High-efficiency solar panels deliver greater than 22 percent efficiency and 70 percent more energy than conventional solar panels from the same space over 25 years – along with industry-best aesthetics. Since the panels are more efficient, fewer are required relative to a conventional system with the same output capacity.
  • Microinverters are integrated into each solar panel rather than attached separately by hand on rooftops as with conventional solar systems. The microinverters are specifically designed for SunPower panels, and enable each panel to operate at peak performance independently. The SunPower microinverters also allow for system designs that safely conceal wiring behind walls and under roofs, eliminating a need for visible conduit.
  • Low-profile, all-black mounting system engineered to be hidden beneath solar panels are hardly seen. The Invisimount system by Sunpower installs on rooftops quickly and easily due to its pre-assembled and intuitively designed components.
  • Energylink monitoring system, a Smart Energy management platform that tracks energy production and consumption in real time via desktop, tablet, and smartphone. The revolutionary hardware that’s smaller than a shoe box, combines six devices into one elegantly designed unit. Preconfigured wiring inside expedites both system installation and commissioning. The software offers an intuitive user interface, empowering homeowners to set energy goals and take control of their energy future by maintain and reviewing their system productivity instantly.
  • 25-year product and power warranty covers the entire Equinox system that includes SunPower solar panels, the factory-integrated SunPower microinverters, and the SunPower InvisiMount mounting system. Backed by LA Solar Group 20 year labor warranty.

Why go with Equinox?

Conventional residential solar systems can be complicated and not harmonious when various companies and manufactures are involved in assembling all parts − each built in isolation from each other. For homeowners, this approach can result in decreased performance, substandard reliability, low-quality aesthetics, and longer installation times and also headaches possibly dealing with multiple manufactures. With 30 years of experience SunPower has selected LA Solar Group as their premiere installer in the region, to offer a unique holistic solar solution to all homeowners.

The Dynamic Duo

SunPower continues to raise the innovation bar by delivering the most advanced solutions with improving quality aesthetics, while LA Solar Group offers the most affordable costs, while speeding installation process with quality work, and increasing satisfaction for our customers. With the best solar manufacturer and the best solar installer in Southern California, property owners can be assured that they will be hiring the best of the best for their solar energy objectives.



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