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The solar panel inverter is the basis of the solar panel system. It is the most important component without which the solar system will not be applicable for domestic use. So, what exactly does a solar panel power inverter?

As you probably already know, solar panels absorb sunlight and generate energy. This energy is the DC, which is not suitable for household loads. The role of a solar panel power inverter is to convert the DC into the AC

The solar panel inverters are of two types – grid tie inverter and off-grid inverter.  

Grid Tie Inverter. 

What are the advantages of a solar panel grid tie inverter? If the power grid goes down the inverter will automatically disconnect from the grid. It is done to prevent any harm that can be caused to the specialists at the grid station fixing the issue. Modern grid tie inverters are equipped with several technological innovations. Examples include the new high-frequency transformers, conventional low-frequency transformers. The high-frequency transformers employ a computerized multi-step process that assumes the conversion of the DC into the AC, again into the DC and then into the final AC.  

Off-grid inverter. 

An off-grid power inverter is intended for such residential or commercial units which are situated too far from the nearest utility grid. This type of inverter requires an additional power bank or a battery for proper performance. The difference between the off-grid power inverter and grid tie inverter is as follows; the grid tie solar inverter is directly connected to your local utility grid.

It can transfer the extra power generated by your solar panels to the grid and get compensation for it. Whereas, an off-grid inverter’s performance assumes total independence from any utility grid. The benefit of this type of solar system is that you reserve the excess power generated by your solar panels in the power battery to use it in such weather conditions, which are unfavorable for solar energy generation. This is an entirely self-sustainable solar system

Types of solar panel inverter kit.

From a structural point of view there are two types of inverters – string inverter and micro inverter. 

String inverters

You may find many options of solar panel inverter kits that are using one or maximum two string inverters. That is the general structure of a solar panel and inverter which consist of 6-10 solar panels depending on your house loads. As a result, the installation of string inverters is more affordable. It usually comes with a 10 years warranty, and if you keep maintenance instructions, it will serve you a great deal. The device must be installed in a cool place with permanent ventilation away from direct sunlight. Based on the functionality of the device, solar panel inverter cost may vary from $103 – $930. When deciding to go solar you should consult a specialist to make the right choice. 

There are many inverter manufacturing modern companies that will propose to you a variety of choices based on your system requirements and budget. Examples include, solaredge, harbor freight, xantrex inverter, magnum and others. Although the markets and companies are different, they all provide high quality and modern solutions. 

Micro inverters 

As compared with string inverters micro inverters cost more. A micro inverter solar panel kit requires one micro inverter for each solar panel. This structure provides system reliability. In case if one of the panels malfunctions for some reason, this will not cause the whole system outage as in case of string inverter.

Another advantage of a micro inverter is that with a micro inverter you are free to expand your solar panel system as much as you need. 

Author of a publication: Helen Kocharyan



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