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Do you remember fantasy movies where everything around the film characters is supernaturally comfortable and newly fashioned? Where it is possible to turn the lights on or open the door just with one voice command. Well, this is no longer a fantasy, nor a future endeavor. It is our reality. And this reality is called a smart home

So, what is a smart home? A smart home technology is generally described as the combination of multiple electronic devices or appliances connected in a common network with the privilege to be controlled remotely. The installation and utilization of smart home products provide a new level of comfort and safety for the consumer. Here is some useful information for you to determine which is the best smart home solution. 

How a smart home system works?

The feeling that an electrical device has been left on after leaving the house is surely familiar to all of us. The doubts that the microwave oven or the coffee maker is on would torture our mind till we got back home. Another example is whether the kids are safe at home, are they doing their homework, will they open the door to a stranger? All these questions are in the past with smart home systems. 

Any electrical device in your house can be put on your home network and remotely controlled by you through your smartphone. Electrical devices assume heating/cooling systems, lighting, home security, entertainment and others. The success of smart home installation and consumption is mostly due to tablet computers and smartphones. These ultra-portable computers ensure the connection to the home network system with constant internet. It is called the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is the idea of products and devices interconnected through the digital network. 

Home automation provides several benefits for elderly people. A smart home system can notify the resident that it is time to take the medicine, in case he (she) has forgotten, or alert the hospital if the resident accidently falls. A smart home can perform tasks like shutting off the water, turning off the lights or the oven, in case the elderly person forgets to do it. It is also great for your child nursing. You can easily look after your kids via smart home devices. A smart home automation provides a high-tech functionality and luxury that continues to develop and expand.  

Best smart home devices and systems. 

Things which previously were associated with science fiction are now in our reality. All the home devices powered by electricity can now turn into smart home appliances, becoming a component of the interconnected common network. Today there are several systems provided by smart home companies. Below is the description of each of them known as the best smart home system. 

1.Amazon Alexa

Being one of the most comprehensive ecosystems available today, alexa smart home system is now built in many devices and products such as TVs and Thermostats. The amazon smart home system flexibility assumes smooth integration with products of Schlage, Phillips, Nest and Samsung.

The alexa smart home system is sensitive to voice commands. For instance, if you command alexa to turn off the lights or ask what time it is, you will be satisfied with the result of the system functionality. It can lock the doors, close your garage or adjust house temperature. 

2.Google Assistant 

Saying that google smart home system is on the second place in this list would not be fair. Due to Google major ownership of search engine space, the possibility of getting correct answers from google home smart speaker is more than from alexa. Google Assistant tends to understand natural human speech better than alexa. The scope of integration with major product brands includes Nest, Belkin, August and Phillips.

3.Samsung SmartThings Hub

With samsung smart home system users get a smart home hub which provides full access to the smart devices connected to this hub through SmartThing IOS or Android. This system can also work integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This system is offering its own smart devices to the market, such as SmartThings Lightbulb, SmartThings Cam and SmartThing Wi-Fi plug.

The list of smart home devices is as follows;

  1. LG Smart TV
  2. Perfect Bake Pro
  3. Ecovacs Deebot N795
  4. Net Gear Arlo Q
  5. TP-Link HS200
  6. Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker
  7. Ecobee 4
  8. Phillips Hue
  9. Amazon Ecco

The prices for these devices differ based on the type, functionality and the manufacturing company. Once you decide to convert your house into a smart home you should consult local companies for additional assistance.

Author of a publication: Helen Kocharyan 



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