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New York Times Climate Reporter: His Thoughts On Solar Energy


Worldwide known New York Times promotes solar energy – let’s see what they have for you! The sustainability of our planet is one of the most important aspects of our bright future. Without environmental sustainability, the chances of living a healthy and happy life decrease. Even though people thrive towards keeping the planet sustainable and clean, greenhouse gas emissions overwhelm the environment. Tremendous amounts of CO2 emissions may bring global warming to an uncontrollable state. Greenhouse gases are real threats to our planet and ourselves, and this concerns the influential New York Times. 

Who Is Brad Plumer?

New York Times climate reporter, Brad Plumer, is concerned about this issue. Brad Plumer writes articles covering the topics of energy policy, climate change, and many more environmental issues. He has published works for the Washington Post and Now, his articles get published in The New York Times. 


What Is His Approach To The Issue Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

The aptitude of coverage that he gives to the issue of CO2 emissions is an essential step toward raising awareness about the importance of our planet’s sustainability. In his articles, he constantly raises the issue of greenhouse gas emissions’ drastic increase. He brings up statistics, causes and effects, as well as possible solutions to the particular problem of CO2 emissions contamination. Plumer mentions that it is essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to make the environment cleaner. By drawing conclusions from his articles, it is vivid that one of the best ways to do so is switching from fossil fuel energy to solar energy. 

What Is Solar Energy?

It is the sunlight that produces heat and generates electricity. The energy of the sun is a source of clean energy beneficial for the planet. As it is an unlimited renewable source of energy, people can consume it as much as they want and never worry about its depletion. This inexhaustible resource has more advantages than just being limitless. 


The benefits of solar energy come after the installation of solar panels. Photovoltaic (PV) panels make energy consumption at your house easy and comfortable. First, solar energy companies like LA Solar Group provide you with full assistance to install PV systems. In addition, they offer you post-service assistance in case something goes wrong or you need additional guidance for using solar panels. Second, the purchase of PV panels is financially beneficial. While purchasing the equipment, you make a one-time payment for the PV panels and their installation. Then, there is no need for additional utility bills. That is, going solar only requires paying for once and enjoying it for good. Undoubtedly, future maintenance and cleaning services may be needed, which cost a bit, but they may happen on average once a year. Moreover, if you ask the company for guidelines to clean and maintain your PV panels by yourself, the need for the company’s assistance will never come up. You will be able to maintain and clean your PV panels by yourself without additional service and cost. 

What Are The Thoughts Of Brad Plumer On Solar Energy?

In one of his articles called “How Do We Stop Fossil Fuel Emissions?” Brad Plumer mentions that one of the precautionary measures to take to stop global warming is terminating the contamination of CO2 emissions. He looks at different countries and brings up examples of what sources generating CO2 can cease their operation to minimize the contamination of greenhouse gas emissions. China’s coal plant is one example out of hundreds. Then, he brings up solutions to the termination of fossil fuel energy consumption. One of the solutions is presented under the section called “Electrify Much Of Our Economy.” Under this section, he brings up alternatives to fossil fuel energy consumption. He brings up electric vehicles as an example of integrating renewable energy into our lifestyles. A great example which will be possible if we switch to consuming solar energy.


Solar Energy May Sustain Our Future

As an additional suggestion to Brad Plumer’s ideas, the energy of the sun can be one source of renewable energy that will make our environment greener. If PV panels get installed in residential and commercial buildings, the majority of structures will be powered by the energy of the sun. Even construction sites and factories may switch to solar energy and bring greenhouse gas emissions to zero. Other than that, people should learn how advantageous solar batteries are. PV batteries help you to conserve excess energy that PV panels generate and use it later when needed. Despite blackouts, electricity outages, and WiFi issues, you always have access to electricity with a PV system. This not only benefits households but also enhances economic growth. Without electricity contractions, businesses will be able to work 24/7 and generate income. As with limitless energy stress levels of employees decrease and technological issues end, productivity increases; thus, economic growth gets enhanced.

Final Note

What Brad Plumer, a New York Times climate reporter, discusses is the global issue of greenhouse gas emissions that result from fossil fuel consumption. He brings up solutions that aid in zeroing out the contamination of CO2 emissions. All of the information he points out brings up the need to permanently switch from fossil fuels to solar energy. The energy of the sun is a green and sustainable source of energy, which contributes to the ecology of the environment and helps to enhance economic growth. 

Benefit the planet – benefit yourselves! Solar is the future! 

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan



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