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Once you decide to go solar, the next step is to do some research to see what warranties and other guarantees installers and providers will offer you. The most important offer that will determine who you choose to hire for your solar system are the warranties included with your system.

To ensure you hire the right contractor, be sure you get answers to the following questions:

  • Will your installer stand behind their work?
  • What about the individual components?
  • What type of performance should you expect over time, and will your provider compensate for lapsed levels?

All of these are serious questions that deserve to be answered in detail.

How Long Is Your Warranty For?

Most solar power system manufacturers warrant their equipment for about 10-12 years. These warranties guarantee that your panels will work at a certain power level for a set amount of time. For example, a solar system warranty might only guarantee full power for the first 10 years, and then allow a lapse to around 80% of the original power level after the warranty expires.

It doesn’t hurt to ask the installer if a manufacturer provide a longer warranty and whether the installer will honor their warranties. Enphase’s warranty is for 25 years instead of 10-12, LA Solar Group covers all systems with an extended 25-year workmanship warranty, regardless of original manufacturer.

Be sure to also receive an extremely accurate projection of power output with every solar system proposal. An installer that can guarantee a power output beyond the manufacturer’s warranty is a great value. LA Solar Group offers a 25-year timeline rather than they typical 10 year warranty offer by most manufacturers.

Promise to Compensate?

Many installers can offer great warranties. But what happens if they don’t meet what they promise to you? Do they offer compensation or modifications to the system to meet the warranty? LA Solar Group offers ongoing monitoring that ensures our power production of the promised amount. Any lapse in power is reimbursed for the difference at $0.19 cents per kwh.

What Else Is Your Warranty Covering?

Another thing to consider is how much of your solar system is actually covered under warranty. Some warranties cover only the panels or the power production levels, and do not extend to individual components such as power optimizers or mounting equipment.

A comprehensive solar system provider will offer equipment from high-quality industry vendors and then include all that equipment under the warranty.

LA Solar Group Warranties

What About Installation and Workmanship ?

Installation and workmanship warranties cover system design and installation between 1-10 years. A good provider will be willing to back up their work by promising a longer term. 

Labor also should be included in the workmanship warranty.  If anything goes wrong with your solar system, there’s no cost to visit, access, inspect, repair, and replace. 

Are You Covered For Roof Damage?

A properly-mounted solar system will not cause leaks, but what happens if your roof does start leaking after installation? Most installers will guarantee the solar paneled area of your roof against leaks for a period of about 10 years. 

LA Solar Group is a licensed California State contractor for solar, electrical, and roofing. For this reason, we guarantee every inch of roof that our equipment is installed or mounted on against leakage for 25 years. 

What Will A Good Warranty Cost? 

Very few installers offer price-matching warranties. LA Solar will match or beat any quote on equivalent solar systems offered in the California area. The systems we install are supported through our always-available customer service solutions. Should you have any questions about specific coverage, or about any other aspect of going solar, reach out to us directly.

Robert Sarai

Robert Sarai is a leading expert in energy efficiency and sustainability with L.A. Solar Group. He oversees development and marketing efforts to guide property owners toward smart energy solutions. He can be contacted directly at 818-946-2320 or LinkedIn Profile


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