LA Solar Group


LA Solar Group is One Of The Fastest Growing Solar Companies in 2016


Over the last 5 years, LA Solar Group has become one of the leaders in the solar energy sector. With this success, Inc. 5000 magazine formally announced LA-Solar Group as the 75th fasted growing company in America joining the ranks of companies like Microsoft, GoPro, and Oracle. The secret to LA Solar Group’s success has been key to their fast growth. The cornerstone of LA-Solar Group’s success has been providing transparent integrity, the best available equipment, a high level of engineering and installation expertise, being focused on quality workmanship, and a strong emphasis on customer experience. This dedicated approach combined with honest business practices have helped LA Solar Group to be the highest reviewed company on Yelp!

In the last 3 years, LA Solar Group has grown 6500%, leading the company to be the 4th fastest growing solar installer in the country. While sales growth is abundant at LA Solar Group, the primary focus is engineering design, top quality products, perfect installations, low cost of acquisition, and fastest return on investment for customers. Customers know that LA Solar Group cares about making their lives better which why so many openly share their experience so others may also benefit from such a positive financial and environmental investment.

LA Solar Group is redefining renewable energy integration as solar energy is just one element. With modern battery storage, energy automation, and energy-efficient roofing, families can save thousands of dollars per year. It is their remarkable innovative and creative efforts that distinguishes LA Solar Group as the number one choice and why they continue to empower the future together with families and businesses focused on helping the environment and saving money.



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