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LA Solar Group Backs SunEdison Warranty


Earlier this year, SunEdison commenced a complete restructuring of their corporation due to their loss that they filed late last year. To date, SunEdison is still the largest renewable energy firm in the world. They been in the solar business for over 40 years. Despite the company’s fast growth that lead to too much debt, they are as a matter of fact still in business. What this means to homeowners that have purchased or leased with SunEdison is peace of mind with their system warranty.

For property owners who have a SunEdison solar system with LA Solar Group, we had only 3 requests to replace panels out of the 6000 SunEdison panels that we have in installed. Their manufacturing is very sophisticated and the panels are high efficiency mono crystalline. Once the panels are installed and work fine, they have a 0.001% chance of going bad. Nevertheless, we honor our the equipment and production warranty with SunEdison. That’s why we carry over 200 additional panels in our inventory in case we may find a panel that would need to be replaced.

What dictates a panel replacement? SunEdison warrants the workmanship of their panels to be free from defective materials under normal use, service, and conditions. Warranty will not apply if panels are misused, abused, neglected, altered, or disassembled. To add, failures caused by accidental breakage, acts of nature, weather conditions also are void of warranty. With our 20 year labor warranty, if a panel replacement is required, we’ll replace it with a new SunEdison panel for free.

SunEdison is a U.S. publically traded company with their engineering department in Missouri. Their manufacturing plants are in Houston and Portland. Assembly for their PV panels are in Malaysia and Mexico. SunEdison also provides and installs solar farms throughout the world with their largest being a 408 Mega Watt solar farm. They also have over 750 patents (specifically with silicon) with 6000 employees.



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