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Top 10 States For Solar Panel Installation In The United States


If you live in one of these 10 states of the US, then continue reading to find out whether your state supports and sustains solar panel installation or not. 

  1. California                       
  2. North Carolina
  3. Arizona
  4. Nevada
  5. Texas
  6. New Jersey
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Florida
  9. Georgia
  10. Utah



Are you from California? Congratulations! California is one of the best states in the US for solar panel installation. Due to the high energy demand and the large population of California, solar panel companies support and sustain the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels. The main reason for such a high qualification is the financing options that the state offers. In California, solar panel companies, like LA Solar Group, offer multiple financing options, including solar panel leasing


Let’s move to North Carolina. What do we have there for you? North Carolina is filled with rebates and incentives for PV system installations. The primary rebate in North Carolina is that purchasing solar panels there is financially sound. The rebate program called Revolving loan options allows you to close the payment in 20 years with an interest rate up to 8 percent. Moreover, it is possible to renew the loan. 


If we discuss Arizona, we discuss the Persian Gulf of solar energy, said the former Governor Janet Napolitano. One of the best offers that companies in Arizona have is the availability of the best solar panels with premium warranties and efficiencies. Not to mention, the Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit incentive program allows you to deduct 25 percent of the solar panel cost from the personal income tax per year in case of purchasing the PV system for your house. I mean, this is what you were looking for so long! 


Now, if we talk about Nevada, we talk about a state that is committed to achieving the goal of getting 50 percent of the state’s energy source from solar energy by 2030. A state with such a goal should provide a plethora of opportunities for installing a PV panel. The main advantage of installing it in Nevada is the solar panel cost. It costs only $0.15 per watt. You better believe this number and benefit from it!


Do you live in Texas? Congratulations! You live in the heart of the energy industry of the United States. Correspondingly, you are capable of purchasing solar panels of any type from the best companies available in Texas. The best part about purchasing PV systems in Texas is the Renewable energy property tax exemption incentive program. It allows you to pay the same tax amount as before the installation of the system. For instance, you can purchase solar panel kits for home, save money on the installation, and keep paying your property’s same tax amount.  


Another leader state of the solar energy industry is New Jersey. New Jersey provides special policies to the customers for solar panel installation. The New Jersey net metering policy allows you to resell the unused or excess energy to the grid at the retail price. With this incentive to buy panels in New Jersey, you get the opportunity to monitor your energy consumption and balance it. Meanwhile, it allows you to save and make money. 


Massachusetts is one of the most suitable states to install PV panels. The advantage that should be highlighted is that solar panel kits, bundles of equipment, provide a 3-4 years payback period to consumers. This means that you will get your investment back in 3-4 years if you purchase a bundle of equipment in Massachusetts. This particular payback period is lower than the average payback period of solar panels in the United States.


So, should we consider Florida for solar panel installation? Of course, we should! Florida is one of the best states for it. With the combination of the solar tax credit, excellent net metering policies, flexible financing, and grandeur sun exposure, you may never regret purchasing a PV panel system in Florida. Florida provides you with the financing option of PACE, which stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy. With PACE, you get the loan, which is long-term, highly flexible, and requires no down payments.


Sunny and bright Georgia has the fastest-growing solar market among the top 10 states in the US. Going solar with Georgia is a necessity as it has a lot of sunlight hours and excellent net metering policies. Numerous Georgian companies provide customers with rebates. One of them, the Central Georgia EMC, provides rebates of $450/kW for roof solar panel installation.  


How can we forget about the beautiful state called Utah? Utah has a mesmerizing natural beauty. The state’s legislators are determined to protect it through the expansion of the solar energy market. That is why Utah is considered one of the top 10 states suitable for installing PV panels. If you want to purchase a solar panel system in Utah, you should know about the greatest incentive it provides. The government of Utah provides you a solar credit on the income taxes for the next year. Accordingly, you get lower solar costs. Isn’t it amazing?

If you live in one of these 10 states of the US, then now you know that solar panel installation will be your best decision. 

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan