Solar Installation Process

The process to go solar can be viewed from both the customer’s and installer’s perspective. At LA Solar Group, we want to make the process simple for our customers. The detailed steps below describe the customer’s and the installer’s responsibilities in the installation process:


  • Learn about going solar
  • Decide to go solar
  • Find the right solar system and solar panel installation company
  • Discuss the solar system and the solar panel installation cost
  • Sign the contract
  • Provide access and information if/as needed
  • Make payment(s)
  • Enjoy the benefits


  • Understand customer’s goals and requirements
  • Understand customer’s current usage and rate plan
  • Create an initial design based on satellite imagery and design tools
  • Discuss the initial solution options and costs, then arrive at a go-forward plan
  • Conduct a site analysis
  • Create the final plan
  • Sign the contract
  • Obtain permits and, if required, HOA approval
  • Install system
  • Inspect system
  • Install net meter
  • Obtain permission to operate (PTO)


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