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Zero Waste Environmentalist’s Guide To Go Solar


Sustainability is a lifestyle. To live sustainably, people need to consume ecological products that reduce waste to zero. Coupled with that, they need to consume renewable energy that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Lauren Singer, a  25-year-old zero waste environmentalist, took her first steps towards a sustainable lifestyle in 2012. She established a blog called “Trash is For Tossers. It started as a personal blog in 2012 and later became a place that empowers people with tools and information to live a sustainable lifestyle. With “Trash is For Tossers,” she highlights the importance of living sustainably – reducing waste. It not only concerns the consumption of products but also the consumption of green energy. One of the best sustainable energy sources is solar energy. 

Switching From Fossil Fuels To Solar Energy Is Financially And Environmentally Sustainable

First, the energy of the sun reduces electricity bills. That is, solar system efficiency leads to financial benefits. As solar panel batteries conserve excess energy for later use, you have the opportunity to get the most out of the solar panel installation. Solar batteries conserve the energy of the sun for later use, so you get independent from the grid and rolling blackouts. With grid-connected PV systems, you can receive payments for the excess energy by sending it to the grid. 


Second, the energy of the sun is a sustainable source of energy. As an environmentally friendly energy source, solar energy has exceptional benefits. It is limitless. That is, you can consume it as much as you want and don’t worry about running out of energy. Consuming the energy of the sun doesn’t lead to the contamination of greenhouse gas emissions. Reduction of CO2 emissions leads to a sustainable environment. It turns out that if you consume solar energy, you contribute to a pollution-free and clean environment. 

If you take a look at the two main reasons to use the energy of the sun, you will understand that solar energy leads to living zero waste. After a solar panel installation, you stop consuming fossil fuels, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Lauren Singer stopped consuming packaged products to reduce waste. Likewise, you may stop consuming fossil fuels to reduce pollution. 

How Could Lauren Singer Switch To Living Zero Waste? How Can You Do That?

Lauren Singer started getting into the world of zero waste during her college years. She apprehended that social and environmental justice are closely connected. Then, Lauren Singer decided that the whole world should get acquainted with that notion. Eventually, she came up with the idea to create a personal blog, “Trash is For Tossers.” Lauren Singer mentions, “When I went to college, I ended up studying environmental science to really understand all of the systems that create this reality we live in and the future that we will grow into.” At first, as mentioned above, “Trash is For Tossers” was a personal blog, where she shared her journey of living zero waste. A post about how she managed to fit a one-year waste in a 16 oz mason jar blew up the Internet. Everyone started recognizing her as the girl with the trash jar. After the viral post, she reached out to people on Ted Talk, where she told everyone about the Zero Waste concept. Her career as a zero waste environmentalist developed further when she launched the “Package Free” campaign. That campaign aimed at helping manufacturers and suppliers to reduce waste. 


Today, if everyone gets depressed because of life circumstances created by the Covid-19, Lauren Singer advises us to review our non-renewable habits and go zero waste during the pandemic. As going zero waste concerns the consumption of products and addresses energy use, switching to using solar energy is another way to go zero. Reviewing what type of energy you use and how the consumption of that particular source affects the environment is a great way to make the world a better living place. 

Going solar requires five easy steps:

  • Research the best solar companies in your area of residence and find the one that fits best your needs. 
  • Get acquainted with the products the company offers
  • Choose the design and size of a PV system of your preference
  • Request purchasing the PV system and complete the payment
  • Get solar panel installation at your house and enjoy it 


Here we go! Five easy steps that can help you enhance your lifestyle and aid environmental sustainability through solar energy consumption. Affordability and unlimited use of energy are a few benefits that may financially compliment you. 

Going solar is one of the means to zero waste future. If you go solar and start living zero waste, maybe one day you may inspire others to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Or, maybe Lauren Singer will feature you in one of her articles as an individual contributing to a sustainable and green environment. Opportunities are many, so are the benefits – go grab them.  

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan



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