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Rolling Blackouts

California is Prepared for Rolling Blackouts. Why does it Irk Neighbors?


Rolling blackouts are considered to be a planned and controlled phenomenon, hence they are qualified as normal; the new normal. As pre-planned as they can be, rolling blackouts are irritating, troublesome and can even damage your home appliances. The latter more commonly happens when there is a surge, that is, when the power comes back at a higher voltage or when the voltage is lower than usual. 

Because of the abovementioned troubles that power outages may result, these rolling blackouts irritate California neighborhoods. 

Let’s understand what results in such an intimidating phenomenon as California Rolling Blackouts are.

California gives a going-over to why in 2021 rolling blackouts happened regularly and if this will continue. 

The Hotter, The More Blackouts

Climate change is a severe problem, and we currently feel its perilous upshots. Intense heatwaves conditioned by global warming have led to California Rolling Blackouts.

In 2020, for example, it was the hottest summer for the first time in 30 years. California power greed couldn’t carry that with the growing electricity demand; thus, the energy supply failed, resulting in frequent power outages.


As serious as this may seem, preventing rolling blackouts could be possible if the energy estimations and assumptions have been carried out considering the global warming and heat waves entailed to it. These inadequate estimations are masked as rolling blackouts to balance the electricity needs of LA. Anyhow, as Napoleon says, “Nothing is lost as long as courage remains.” As long as we dare to act against global warming and save our planets from the hazardous result of climate change, including power outages, we should act. The key is simple: a greener environment and reliance on renewable energy sources. 

Solar Energy in LA Can Work Wonders?

The supporters of renewable energy evidence the root cause analysis as a call-out for people to take care of our environment. We need to find reliable energy sources among renewable sources for our own sake and the sake of our Mother Earth, 

Installing solar panels is a real salvation in different aspects. 

First, solar energy can mitigate climate change. Since solar panels don’t emit any greenhouse gasses, which is the top reason for climate change, they do not harm the atmosphere. 

Secondly, you can be less dependent on the grid when you install solar panels and set up storage backup batteries that will power your house in the event of power outages.

To sum up, California rolling blackouts have become a real headache for locals, primarily due to inadequate estimations and disregarding the relation of global warming and higher electricity demand. Solar energy with backup batteries is an excellent solution not to be affected by blackouts on the one hand, and mitigate climate change on the other.