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Rolling Blackouts

Hurricane Season, Blackouts, and EVs: Is It Safe?


There has been a recent rise in the number of blackouts that are taking place. The rise of hurricanes and power outages has caused the search for new failsafe methods for protection to be even more prevalent. Extreme weather conditions have become more frequent occurrences all over the US. It can make California rolling blackouts today worsen over time. Protecting yourself from outages can be a matter of safety. There’s a lot of dependency on power. In the attempt to reduce rolling blackouts in California, some researchers have found a use for EVs during hurricane blackouts.

What Is The Use Of Electric Cars During Outages?


You might be wondering what the link between electric cars and blackouts is. The obvious answer is that implementing green vehicles into your daily life lowers pollution and has a more negligible effect on the environment. There is also another significant link. Since EVs chargers get power from the grid, they can also send power back. Similar to solar panels storage options, it can power your home in case of a blackout. It can be an excellent opportunity for residents as research shows that backup generators can be hazardous because of carbon monoxide poisoning. This insight into the feasibility of electric cars made utility companies look into this reverse tie that they discovered. Electric cars during power outages are like batteries on wheels.

For this reason, in an emergency, you can drive your vehicle to another household and provide power for them. Utility companies benefit from EVs in the same way residents do. It can provide power where the grid can’t, which is helpful for everyone involved. EVs during California Hurricanes can be the next best thing if you aren’t ready to invest in solar energy and a storage battery. 

How Can I Use This Technology?


The use of EVs during hurricane blackouts works by something called V2G technology. This technology uses the energy stored in EV batteries to support the grid. It has been implemented already, but it is not widespread. There is still a lot of progress that needs to be made to be built in function in commercially sold Electric cars. Companies need to realize the potential of this technology and its demand in states that have a lot of blackouts caused by harsh weather conditions. People are hopeful that it will be widely available someday soon.

EVs during hurricane blackouts can be a backup option for households that already have invested in electric vehicles. With the help of these types of innovations, we can get rid of grid dependency. Another way to do that is by installing solar panels with a backup storage system. It will provide you with the ability to produce and consume renewable energy around the clock and in case of a power outage. We are moving in the right direction for renewable energy products that can help in dire situations. There’s only a small way to go for these technological functions to be available to all!



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