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Rolling Blackouts

New Normal: How to Be Prepared for the Seasonal Blackouts?


Since seasonal rolling blackouts have become a regular occurrence, we must have a preliminary plan ready to go in case of a power outage, as we don’t know how long they may last. With the supply falling short in certain seasons and the demand for power increases, it is inevitable for rolling blackouts LA schedule to change. So, if you’d like to prepare for these instances, read on.

How To Prepare For Power Outages


Rolling blackouts during winter storms can be especially difficult to get through as they are primarily unexpected and last for unknown amounts of time. You should put together a power outage emergency kit. This storage box or duffel bag should include all of the necessities of your household. It should be placed at an easy to reach spot and on the main floor of your house so that you can avoid stairs. Additionally, everyone in the household should know where it is located so that the person closest can retrieve it in case of a sudden outage. 

It would be best if you had a flashlight and batteries for everyone. If you can buy solar cell phone batteries, it would help immensely to ensure your phone always has juice and can receive important safety alerts if necessary. Additionally, it would help if you stopped up on non-perishable food and water. Make sure to always be stocked up to avoid the bustle of full grocery stores in the case of storms. It can also be helpful in summer heat rolling blackouts in LA. Make sure to have a surge activity system put in place in your appliances and electronics to reduce the risk of them being damaged. 

Keeping track of ERCOT rolling blackouts 2021 can also be helpful to predict any seasonal rolling blackouts that might occur. When you see that a blackout might be taking place, make sure you have a list of your contacts. It will be useful to have in one place to contact them in case of an emergency. Also, always keep your car’s gas tank at least half full if you have to evacuate to another area. 

Solar Energy’s Use in Blackouts


Rolling blackouts California 2021 have become a phenomenon. To ensure that you are out of risk, you can install a solar energy system with battery backup. It will help to keep your residence from going dark. It can be helpful in a lot of situations, especially in storms. Solar modules are created to endure harsh weather situations and provide power even in those times. An additional battery storage system is great for insurance to store your excess energy for later use. For example, when the sun isn’t readily shining. You can have seamless solar energy production and consumption even when other households are going through a blackout. 

It is crucial to be prepared for the worst. Power outages can be dangerous, and protecting yourself from bad outcomes is essential. With solar power, you can achieve protection from outages and clean energy production round the clock!



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