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Rolling Blackouts

Regular Rolling Blackouts: Are They Real?


It has become hard for US residents to ignore the mass amounts of outages that have been occurring. Despite what people may think, the push to renewables has not been the reason for the rolling blackouts. It’s the country’s power system infrastructure. 


What Are the Different Types of Blackouts?


The main three types of power outages that take place are the following:

  • Blackouts – a blackout is a complete loss of power over a large area. It’s caused by significant damage to the electrical grid.
  • Brownouts – it will typically occur because of a dip in the voltage or the electrical supply. It doesn’t cause a complete loss of power, but it can affect performance in equipment.
  • Rolling blackouts – they’re much different from other types as they are usually planned outages. When the grid is unstable in a particular area rolling blackouts are implemented. 


What Are Regular Rolling Blackouts?


Since rolling blackouts occur when the electricity demand exceeds supply, long-lasting blackouts in California have been regular. The energy demand is on the rise, especially after the lockdown. It has been said that it will rise to an all-time high, even higher than it was in 2019. Because of this, the possibility of power outages is at an all-time high. They even have a schedule that you can follow to avoid them. At this point, there truly isn’t any random blackout. 


How to Avoid Rolling Blackouts?



Now Imagine this, you have a gathering planned at your house that has been long-awaited, and the day comes after all the preparation, and you end up in a blackout. It can be highly frustrating, especially if you run a business that requires around the clock power. How do you avoid rolling blackouts in these cases? You can invest in a solar system with battery backup, otherwise known as an off-grid solar system. It will ensure that your home or business always has power and is autonomous with no ties to the grid, especially in larger states where the electricity grid is unreliable and you have regular rolling blackouts. 


It is essential to be mindful of your energy needs and consider regular rolling blackouts when planning for the future. In states such as California, where the energy infrastructure is not as reliable, it is best to take matters into your own hands. Investing in solar truly is a life-saver in these types of situations. In addition to having 24/7 power, solar ends up playing for itself. You will no longer have electricity bills, with the rise of prices in electricity on the rise, it is something to consider. Who knows, you might end up having a new appreciation for solar and renewables afterwards!



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