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Rolling Blackouts

Blackouts VS Brownouts: Where Does Danger Hide?


When trying to understand the reasoning behind rolling blackouts and brownouts, it is essential to understand and differentiate their types. It can help to be more mindful and know what to do in each case to keep yourself safe.





There are
three main types of blackouts. To recognize them, you need to be familiar with their characteristics.

  1. Blackouts
    A complete interruption of power over a specific service area. They come without warning and last for unknown amounts of time. It’s usually caused by a catastrophic failure in equipment or extreme weather conditions. For example, the point of California rolling blackouts was to recover from a low supply to the demand due to California market issues. 


  1. Rolling Blackouts
    They are usually pre-planned, and consumers are notified at least some time in advance. It usually lasts for a specific amount of time, and in most cases, it happens due to coping with high power demand that the existing supply cannot meet.


  1. Brownouts
    They are a partial, temporary dip in system voltage or full system capacity.





in LA can cause unexpected behavior in systems. The reduced voltage can cause damage to a residence’s electronics. An unexpected brownout can cause a malfunction in motors that are in everyday appliances, including washing machines, dryers, air conditions and much more.

Blackouts are dangerous because of different reasons. They can cause a power surge after the power is turned back on by the supplier. What is a power surge? It’s, in short, the opposite of a brownout. It is a spike in voltage and current. Depending on the magnitude and source, they can cause significant damage to power systems and lead to latent damage. 




You might now be wondering, how can I prevent these issues? When dealing with brownouts and blackouts in your state, you must
follow a particular set of rules.

Turn off power as soon as you go through a power outage!

It is a given rule to unplug all electronics and equipment to ensure that a power surge does not damage them or cause any further problems. You can install monitoring systems that can be sensitive towards voltage and current levels.


Have solar systems put in place!

Whether at your home or for your business, it gives extra reassurance that you would not depend on a grid that often has issues such as power outages. You can have an off-grid system known for its battery back-up, an energy storage system. It can both give you power during the night and through a particularly rough storm or blackout.

Overall, Rolling blackouts and brownouts are common in larger states, and residents should be aware of the root of the issues and how to prevent themselves from any danger that can come their way.



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