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LA Solar Group Expands Solar Installation Services


LA Solar Group’s growth in the last 3 years demonstrates their determination to be the leader in solar energy. The company has recently opened offices in Bakersfield, CA as Kern Solar Group and Fremont, CA as Bay Solar Group to allow homeowners in those areas the opportunity to receive the same high level of service, quality, and support in their switch to renewable energy.

“Since 1978, the State of California has really pushed building energy and efficiency standards for residential and commercial properties. Today, these standards have reduced more than 250 million metric tons of greenhouses gases,” says Robert Sarai, Business Development Manager for LA Solar Group. “Our goal is to go beyond just solar and tap into new technologies that bring more sustainable solutions to those that want to make a difference with the environment and with their pockets.”

LA Solar Group selected these locations for new offices because both areas have experienced growth in renewable energy. Additionally, homeowners experienced a 5% rate increase last year for electricity from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Although the rate increase will allow PG&E to invest in advanced technology and infrastructure, it does present a financial burden for homeowners. With Bakersfield averaging 119 days of sun and 33 of those days over 100°F (38 °C), solar can make a positive difference in the rising electrical cost and demand for energy. Fremont, the closest east bay city to Silicon Valley, experienced substantial economic growth in past years with their eco-friendly residents. Being one of the greenest cities in California, LA Solar Group’s decision to expand to Fremont was a smart one. Homeowners in the bay area are very environmentally conscious and have set forth new policy to encourage California to become a sustainable state.

Solar may have launched the revolution for affordable sustainable energy, yet there are also new ways to bring more savings to property owners. Builders have reformed how they construct their properties to be more energy efficient. A lot of attention now goes into high-efficiency lighting, high-performing wall insulation, improved water heating, and better attic temperature control. LEED certifications (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) have become an important phase in the development of not just local but global building projects as well.



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